The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Codigos de skyrim, Todo en tu mano. Parte 2

23 Ago 2014
Gustó a
Parte 2, añadire mas listas de items y armas, mas hechizos

Armadura daedrica
player.additem 0001396b 1 ;Daedric Armor
player.additem 0001396a 1 ;Daedric Boots
player.additem 0001396c 1 ;Daedric Gauntlets
player.additem 0001396d 1 ;Daedric Helmet
player.additem 0001396e 1 ;Daedric Shield
player.additem 000139b6 1 ;Daedric Dagger
player.additem 000139b9 1 ;Daedric Sword
player.additem 000139b3 1 ;Daedric War Axe
player.additem 000139b8 1 ;Daedric Mace
player.additem 000139b7 1 ;Daedric Greatsword
player.additem 000139b4 1 ;Daedric Battleaxe
player.additem 000139ba 1 ;Daedric Warhammer
player.additem 000139b5 1 ;Daedric Bow
player.additem 000139c0 150 ;Daedric Arrow
player.additem 0010df2c 1 ;Necklace of the Peerless Knight (Fortify Heavy Armor 25 pts)
player.additem 0005ad9d 13 ;Ebony Ingot
player.equipitem 0001396b ;Equipped Daedric Armor
player.equipitem 0001396a ;Equipped Daedric Boots
player.equipitem 0001396c ;Equipped Daedric Gauntlets
player.equipitem 0001396d ;Equipped Daedric Helmet
player.equipitem 000139b7 ;Equipped Daedric Greatsword
player.equipitem 0010df2c ;Equipped Necklace of the Peerless Knight

Armadura vampira
player.additem 020191f3 1 ;Vampire Armor (Red)
player.additem 020142c7 1 ;Vampire Armor (Gray)
player.additem 020191f2 1 ;Vampire Armor (Light Gray)
player.additem 0200b5de 1 ;Vampire Boots
player.additem 0201a51f 1 ;Vampire Gauntlets
player.additem 02019ae1 1 ;Vampire Boots (Clothing)
player.additem 02019ae3 1 ;Vampire Gloves
player.additem 02019ade 1 ;Vampire Hood
player.additem 02019adf 1 ;Vampire Robes
player.additem 0200b5db 1 ;Vampire Royal Armor
player.additem 0200e7fd 1 ;Ring of the Beast
player.additem 0200e7fe 1 ;Ring of the Erudite
player.additem 020068ae 1 ;Amulet of Bats
player.additem 0200e803 1 ;Amulet of Draining Grip
player.additem 0200f4d5 1 ;Amulet of the Gargoyle
player.additem 02018ef3 25 ;Potion of Blood
player.additem 020067cf 1 ;Harkon's Sword
player.additem 0005ace5 1 ;Steel Ingot
player.additem 000db5d2 6 ;Leather
player.equipitem 0200b5db ;Equipped Vampire Royal Armor
player.equipitem 0200b5de ;Equipped Vampire Boots
player.equipitem 0201a51f ;Equipped Vampire Gauntlets
player.equipitem 0200e7fd ;Equipped Ring of the Beast
player.equipitem 0200e803 ;Equipped Amulet of Draining Grip
player.equipitem 020067cf ;Equipped Harkon's Sword

Armadura de auriel
player.additem 020191f3 1 ;Vampire Armor (Red)
player.additem 020142c7 1 ;Vampire Armor (Gray)
player.additem 020191f2 1 ;Vampire Armor (Light Gray)
player.additem 0200b5de 1 ;Vampire Boots
player.additem 0201a51f 1 ;Vampire Gauntlets
player.additem 02019ae1 1 ;Vampire Boots (Clothing)
player.additem 02019ae3 1 ;Vampire Gloves
player.additem 02019ade 1 ;Vampire Hood
player.additem 02019adf 1 ;Vampire Robes
player.additem 0200b5db 1 ;Vampire Royal Armor
player.additem 0200e7fd 1 ;Ring of the Beast
player.additem 0200e7fe 1 ;Ring of the Erudite
player.additem 020068ae 1 ;Amulet of Bats
player.additem 0200e803 1 ;Amulet of Draining Grip
player.additem 0200f4d5 1 ;Amulet of the Gargoyle
player.additem 02018ef3 25 ;Potion of Blood
player.additem 020067cf 1 ;Harkon's Sword
player.additem 0200284d 1 ;Auriel's Shield
player.additem 02000800 1 ;Auriel's Bow
player.additem 020098a0 150 ;Bloodcursed Elven Arrows
player.additem 020098a1 150 ;Sunhallowed Elven Arrows
player.additem 0005ace5 1 ;Steel Ingot
player.additem 0005ad9f 2 ;Refined Moonstone
player.additem 000db5d2 6 ;Leather
player.equipitem 0200b5db ;Equipped Vampire Royal Armor
player.equipitem 0200b5de ;Equipped Vampire Boots
player.equipitem 0201a51f ;Equipped Vampire Gauntlets
player.equipitem 0200e7fd ;Equipped Ring of the Beast
player.equipitem 0200e803 ;Equipped Amulet of Draining Grip
player.equipitem 020067cf ;Equipped Harkon's Sword
player.equipitem 0200284d ;Auriel's Shield
player.addspell 02007ebc ;"Auriel's Bow" Magical effect that enables the Eclipse and Sunfire scripting. You may remove this spell if you have not yet completed the Dawnguard questline, but don't remove it after the questline has already been completed.

Armadura de stalhrim
player.additem 040398e6 1 ;DB Ancient Nordic Pickaxe
player.additem 0401cd9f 1 ;DB Stalhrim Armor (Heavy)
player.additem 0401cd9e 1 ;DB Stalhrim Boots (Heavy)
player.additem 0401cda0 1 ;DB Stalhrim Gauntlets (Heavy)
player.additem 0401cda1 1 ;DB Stalhrim Helmet (Heavy)
player.additem 0401cda2 1 ;DB Stalhrim Light Armor
player.additem 0401cd7e 1 ;DB Stalhrim Light Boots
player.additem 0401cda5 1 ;DB Stalhrim Light Bracers
player.additem 0401cda3 1 ;DB Stalhrim Light Helmet
player.additem 04026237 1 ;DB Stalhrim Shield
player.additem 0401cdb5 1 ;DB Stalhrim Dagger
player.additem 0401cdb8 1 ;DB Stalhrim Sword
player.additem 0401cdb9 1 ;DB Stalhrim War Axe
player.additem 0401cdb7 1 ;DB Stalhrim Mace
player.additem 0401cdb6 1 ;DB Stalhrim Greatsword
player.additem 0401cdb4 1 ;DB Stalhrim Battleaxe
player.additem 0401cdba 1 ;DB Stalhrim Warhammer
player.additem 04026231 1 ;DB Stalhrim Bow
player.additem 04026239 150 ;DB Stalhrim Arrows
player.additem 0402b06b 17 ;DB Stalhrim
player.additem 0005ace4 1 ;Iron Ingot
player.additem 000fc04e 1 ;Necklace of Warmth
player.additem 00039d12 5 ;Enchanter's Elixir
player.equipitem 0401cd9f 1 ;DB Stalhrim Armor (Heavy)
player.equipitem 0401cd9e 1 ;DB Stalhrim Boots (Heavy)
player.equipitem 0401cda0 1 ;DB Stalhrim Gauntlets (Heavy)
player.equipitem 0401cda1 1 ;DB Stalhrim Helmet (Heavy)
player.equipitem 04026237 1 ;DB Stalhrim Shield
player.equipitem 0401cdb8 1 ;DB Stalhrim Sword
player.equipitem 000fc04e 1 ;Necklace of Warmth

Pergaminos de las arañas
player.additem 04019534 25 ;Exploding Flame Spider
player.additem 0401952C 25 ;Flame Cloaked Spider
player.additem 04014480 25 ;Jumping Flame Spider
player.additem 040206D3 25 ;Exploding Frost Spider
player.additem 040206D9 25 ;Frost Cloaked Spider
player.additem 040206DB 25 ;Jumping Frost Spider
player.additem 0401707B 25 ;Exploding Poison Spider
player.additem 0401445E 25 ;Jumping Poison Spider
player.additem 0401CAB0 25 ;Poison Cloaked Spider
player.additem 0402095F 25 ;Exploding Shock Spider
player.additem 04020961 25 ;Jumping Shock Spider
player.additem 04020960 25 ;Shock Cloaked Spider
player.additem 04027490 25 ;Glowing Spider
player.additem 04016E1C 25 ;Mind Control Spider
player.additem 0402749D 25 ;Oil Spider
player.additem 040274a5 25 ;Pack Spider

Armadura de acero
player.additem 00013952 1 ;Steel Armor
player.additem 000f6f22 1 ;Steel Armor
player.additem 0001395c 1 ;Steel Plate Armor
player.additem 000f6f21 1 ;Steel Shin Boots
player.additem 00013951 1 ;Steel Cuffed Boots
player.additem 0001395b 1 ;Steel Plate Boots
player.additem 000f6f23 1 ;Steel Imperial Gauntlets
player.additem 00013953 1 ;Steel Nordic Gauntlets
player.additem 0001395d 1 ;Steel Plate Gauntlets
player.additem 00013954 1 ;Steel Helmet
player.additem 000f6f24 1 ;Steel Horned Helmet
player.additem 0001395e 1 ;Steel Plate Helmet
player.additem 00013955 1 ;Steel Shield
player.additem 00013986 1 ;Steel Dagger
player.additem 00013989 1 ;Steel sword
player.additem 00013983 1 ;Steel War Axe
player.additem 00013988 1 ;Steel Mace
player.additem 00013987 1 ;Steel Greatsword
player.additem 00013984 1 ;Steel Battleaxe
player.additem 0001398a 1 ;Steel Warhammer
player.additem 00013985 1 ;Hunting Bow
player.additem 0001397f 150 ;Steel Arrow
player.additem 02000801 1 ;DG Crossbow
player.additem 0200f19e 1 ;DG Enhanced Crossbow
player.additem 02000bb3 150 ;DG Steel Bolt
player.additem 000cc844 1 ;Amulet of Stendarr
player.additem 0005ace5 18 ;Steel Ingot
player.additem 0005ad93 4 ;Corundum Ingot
player.additem 000800e4 1 ;Leather Strips
player.equipitem 000f6f22 ;Equipped Steel Armor
player.equipitem 000f6f21 ;Equipped Steel Shin Boots
player.equipitem 000f6f23 ;Equipped Steel Imperial Guantlets
player.equipitem 000f6f24 ;Equipped Steel Horned Helmet
player.equipitem 00013955 ;Equipped Steel Shield
player.equipitem 00013989 ;Equipped Steel Sword
player.equipitem 000cc844 ;Equipped Amulet of Stendarr

player.additem 0300300e 1000 ;Sawn Log
additem 03005a69 1000 ;HF Glass
additem 0300303f 1000 ;HF Goat Horn
additem 03005a68 1000 ;HF Straw
additem 03003043 1000 ;HF Clay
additem 0300306c 1000 ;HF Quarried Stone
additem 03003011 1000 ;HF Hinge
additem 03003035 1000 ;HF Iron Fittings
additem 03003012 1000 ;HF Lock
additem 0300300f 1000 ;HF Nails
additem 03004D91 1000 ;HF Wooden Sword
additem 0300c1de 1000 ;HF Child's Doll
additem 0005ace4 1000 ;Iron Ingot
additem 0005ad93 1000 ;Corundum Ingot
additem 0005ace5 1000 ;Steel Ingot
additem 0005ada0 1000 ;Quicksilver Ingot
additem 0005ad9f 1000 ;Refined Moonstone
additem 0005ad93 1000 ;Corundum Ingot
additem 0005ad99 1000 ;Orichalcum Ingot
additem 0005ace3 1000 ;Silver Ingot
additem 0005ad9d 1000 ;Ebony Ingot
additem 0005ada1 1000 ;Refined Malachite
additem 0005ad9e 1000 ;Gold Ingot
additem 0003ada4 1000 ;Dragon Bone
additem 0003ada3 1000 ;Dragon Scales
additem 0006851e 1000 ;Flawless Amethyst
additem 00068523 1000 ;Flawless Sapphire
additem 000800e4 1000 ;Leather Strips
additem 0003ad53 1000 ;Cave Bear Pelt
additem 0003ad52 1000 ;Bear Pelt
additem 0006bc02 1000 ;Bear Claws
additem 0006bc00 1000 ;Mudcrab Chitin
additem 0002e4e2 1000 ;Petty Soul Gem (Empty)
additem 0002e4e3 1000 ;Petty Soul Gem (Filled)
additem 0002e4fc 1000 ;Grand Soul Gem (Empty)
additem 0002e4ff 1000 ;Grand Soul Gem (Filled)
additem 0003ad8e 1000 ;Goat Hide
additem 0003ad8f 1000 ;Cow Hide
additem 0003ad68 1000 ;Horker Tusk
additem 0006bc0a 1000 ;Large Antlers
additem 00034cdd 1000 ;Bone Meal
additem 0003ad71 1000 ;Taproot
additem 000302ca 1000 ;Ancient Nord Bow
additem 0002c66f 1000 ;Ancient Nord Sword
additem 00034182 1000 ;Ancient Nord Arrow
additem 000c886a 1000 ;Dwemer Scrap Metal
additem 0002e6d1 1000 ;Falmer Sword
additem 0003ad5d 1000 ;Falmer Ear
additem 0003ad72 1000 ;Troll Fat
additem 000319e4 1000 ;Troll Skull
additem 0003ad90 1000 ;Elk (Deer) Hide
additem 000d284d 1000 ;Deer Hide
additem 0006bc04 1000 ;Sabre Cat Tooth
additem 0003ad6d 1000 ;Sabre Cat Pelt
additem 0003ad6e 1000 ;Sabre Cat Snow Pelt
additem 0003ad70 1000 ;Slaughterfish Scales
additem 0006b689 1000 ;Hagraven Claw
additem 0003ad66 1000 ;Hagraven Feathers
additem 0003ad76 1000 ;Vampire Dust
additem 0006bc0b 1000 ;Small Antlers
additem 000e41b8 1000 ;Frostbite Venom
additem 0003ad74 1000 ;Wolf Pelt
additem 0003ad75 1000 ;Ice Wolf Pelt
additem 0003ad6f 1000 ;Skeever Tail
additem 00052695 1000 ;Charred Skeever Hide
additem 0003ad57 1000 ;Chaurus Chitin
additem 000af5fd 1000 ;Skull
additem 000c8911 1 ;Amulet of Akatosh
additem 000c8915 1 ;Amulet of Dibella
additem 000c8917 1 ;Amulet of Julianos
additem 000c8919 1 ;Amulet of Kynareth
additem 000c891b 1 ;Amulet of Mara
additem 000cc844 1 ;Amulet of Stendarr
additem 000cc846 1 ;Amulet of Talos
additem 000878bb 1 ;Amulet of Zenithar
additem 000cc848 1 ;Amulet of Arkay
additem 0006f993 1000 ;Firewood
additem 0000000f 10000 ;Gold

Cazador de almas, todas las gemas
Player.additem 0002e4e2 50 ;Petty Soul Gem (Empty)
Player.additem 0002e4e4 50 ;Lesser Soul Gem (Empty)
Player.additem 0002e4e6 50 ;Common Soul Gem (Empty)
Player.additem 0002e4f4 50 ;Greater Soul Gem (Empty)
Player.additem 0002e4fc 50 ;Grand Soul Gem (Empty)
Player.additem 0002e500 50 ;Black Soul Gem (Empty)

Secretos de los skals, las piedras
player.addspell 0401df9f ;DB Earth Stone's Bones of the Earth
player.addspell 0401dfa4 ;DB Beast Stone's Conjure Werebear
player.addspell 0401dfa5 ;DB Wind Stone's North Wind
player.addspell 0401dfab ;DB Tree Stone's Root of Power
player.addspell 0401df9c ;DB Sun Stone's Sun Flare
player.addspell 0401dfa7 ;DB Water Stone's Waters of Life

Armadura de cristal
player.additem 00013939 1 ;Glass Armor
player.additem 00013938 1 ;Glass Boots
player.additem 0001393a 1 ;Glass Gauntlets
player.additem 0001393b 1 ;Glass Helmet
player.additem 0001393c 1 ;Glass Shield
player.additem 000139a6 1 ;Glass Dagger
player.additem 000139a9 1 ;Glass Sword
player.additem 000139a3 1 ;Glass War Axe
player.additem 000139a8 1 ;Glass Mace
player.additem 000139a7 1 ;Glass Greatsword
player.additem 000139a4 1 ;Glass Battleaxe
player.additem 000139aa 1 ;Glass Warhammer
player.additem 000139a5 1 ;Glass Bow
player.additem 000139be 150 ;Glass Arrows
player.additem 0010df32 1 ;Necklace of the Peerless Squire (Fortify Light Armor 25 pts)
player.additem 0005ada1 13 ;Refined Malachite
player.equipitem 00013939 ;Equipped Glass Armor
player.equipitem 00013938 ;Equipped Glass Boots
player.equipitem 0001393a ;Equipped Glass Gauntlets
player.equipitem 0001393b ;Equipped Glass Helmet
player.equipitem 000139a5 ;Equipped Glass Bow
player.equipitem 000139be ;Equipped Glass Arrows
player.equipitem 0010df32 ;Equipped Necklace of the Peerless Squire

Objetos para desencantan en la tabla
player.additem 0001dfff 1
player.additem 0001e002 1
player.additem 0001e005 1
player.additem 0001e008 1
player.additem 0001e022 1
player.additem 0001e033 1
player.additem 0001e05d 1
player.additem 0001e082 1
player.additem 0001e085 1
player.additem 0001e088 1
player.additem 0001e0d6 1
player.additem 0001e0d9 1
player.additem 0001e0e7 1
player.additem 000ae086 1
player.additem 0003b0bd 1
player.additem 001019d4 1
player.additem 00040002 1
player.additem 000f71dd 1
player.additem 000f82fc 1
player.additem 000ae087 1
player.additem 000fc005 1
player.additem 000fc00b 1
player.additem 0010d66f 1
player.additem 000fc02f 1
player.additem 0010df50 1
player.additem 0010df20 1
player.additem 000d7a8a 1
player.additem 00100dfe 1
player.additem 0010d675 1
player.additem 000fc017 1
player.additem 0010d678 1
player.additem 0010df5a 1
player.additem 000fc03c 1
player.additem 0010df2c 1
player.additem 000fc023 1
player.additem 0010d67c 1
player.additem 0010df32 1
player.additem 0010df3e 1
player.additem 0010df56 1
player.additem 0010d680 1
player.additem 0010df67 1
player.additem 0010df38 1
player.additem 00100e39 1
player.additem 0010d684 1
player.additem 0010df26 1
player.additem 0010df44 1
player.additem 000fc05a 1
player.additem 0010df5e 1
player.additem 0010df1a 1
player.additem 000d7a8b 1
player.additem 00100e65 1
player.additem 000fc048 1
player.additem 000fc04e 1
player.additem 0010dfcd 1
player.additem 00100e5f 1
player.additem 000fc054 1
player.additem 000fc067 1
player.additem 0010a06a 1
player.additem 0401a578 1 ;Dragonborn DLC Champion's Cudgel (Chaos)

Inmunidad al crimen
player.paycrimegold 0 0 28170
player.paycrimegold 0 0 267e3
player.paycrimegold 0 0 29db0
player.paycrimegold 0 0 2816d
player.paycrimegold 0 0 2816e
player.paycrimegold 0 0 2816c
player.paycrimegold 0 0 2816b
player.paycrimegold 0 0 267ea
player.paycrimegold 0 0 2816f
player.paycrimegold 0 0 4018279 ;DB RAVEN ROCK

player.additem 03005a69 1000 ;HF Glass
player.additem 0300303f 1000 ;HF Goat Horn
player.additem 03005a68 1000 ;HF Straw
player.additem 03003043 1000 ;HF Clay
player.additem 0300306c 1000 ;HF Quarried Stone
player.additem 03003011 1000 ;HF Hinge
player.additem 03003035 1000 ;HF Iron Fittings
player.additem 03003012 1000 ;HF Lock
player.additem 0300300f 1000 ;HF Nails
player.additem 0300300e 1000 ;Sawn Log
player.additem 03004D91 1000 ;HF Wooden Sword
player.additem 0300c1de 1000 ;HF Child's Doll
player.additem 0005ace4 1000 ;Iron Ingot
player.additem 0005ad93 1000 ;Corundum Ingot
player.additem 0005ace5 1000 ;Steel Ingot
player.additem 0005ada0 1000 ;Quicksilver Ingot
player.additem 0005ad9f 1000 ;Refined Moonstone
player.additem 0005ad93 1000 ;Corundum Ingot
player.additem 0005ad99 1000 ;Orichalcum Ingot
player.additem 0005ace3 1000 ;Silver Ingot
player.additem 0005ad9d 1000 ;Ebony Ingot
player.additem 0005ada1 1000 ;Refined Malachite
player.additem 0005ad9e 1000 ;Gold Ingot
player.additem 0003ada4 1000 ;Dragon Bone
player.additem 0003ada3 1000 ;Dragon Scales
player.additem 0006851e 1000 ;Flawless Amethyst
player.additem 00068523 1000 ;Flawless Sapphire
player.additem 000800e4 1000 ;Leather Strips
player.additem 0003ad53 1000 ;Cave Bear Pelt
player.additem 0003ad52 1000 ;Bear Pelt
player.additem 0006bc02 1000 ;Bear Claws
player.additem 0006bc00 1000 ;Mudcrab Chitin
player.additem 0002e4e2 1000 ;Petty Soul Gem (Empty)
player.additem 0002e4e3 1000 ;Petty Soul Gem (Filled)
player.additem 0002e4fc 1000 ;Grand Soul Gem (Empty)
player.additem 0002e4ff 1000 ;Grand Soul Gem (Filled)
player.additem 0003ad8e 1000 ;Goat Hide
player.additem 0003ad8f 1000 ;Cow Hide
player.additem 0003ad68 1000 ;Horker Tusk
player.additem 0006bc0a 1000 ;Large Antlers
player.additem 00034cdd 1000 ;Bone Meal
player.additem 0003ad71 1000 ;Taproot
player.additem 000302ca 1000 ;Ancient Nord Bow
player.additem 0002c66f 1000 ;Ancient Nord Sword
player.additem 00034182 1000 ;Ancient Nord Arrow
player.additem 000c886a 1000 ;Dwemer Scrap Metal
player.additem 0002e6d1 1000 ;Falmer Sword
player.additem 0003ad5d 1000 ;Falmer Ear
player.additem 0003ad72 1000 ;Troll Fat
player.additem 000319e4 1000 ;Troll Skull
player.additem 0003ad90 1000 ;Elk (Deer) Hide
player.additem 000d284d 1000 ;Deer Hide
player.additem 0006bc04 1000 ;Sabre Cat Tooth
player.additem 0003ad6d 1000 ;Sabre Cat Pelt
player.additem 0003ad6e 1000 ;Sabre Cat Snow Pelt
player.additem 0003ad70 1000 ;Slaughterfish Scales
player.additem 0006b689 1000 ;Hagraven Claw
player.additem 0003ad66 1000 ;Hagraven Feathers
player.additem 0003ad76 1000 ;Vampire Dust
player.additem 0006bc0b 1000 ;Small Antlers
player.additem 000e41b8 1000 ;Frostbite Venom
player.additem 0003ad74 1000 ;Wolf Pelt
player.additem 0003ad75 1000 ;Ice Wolf Pelt
player.additem 0003ad6f 1000 ;Skeever Tail
player.additem 00052695 1000 ;Charred Skeever Hide
player.additem 0003ad57 1000 ;Chaurus Chitin
player.additem 000af5fd 1000 ;Skull
player.additem 000c8911 1 ;Amulet of Akatosh
player.additem 000c8915 1 ;Amulet of Dibella
player.additem 000c8917 1 ;Amulet of Julianos
player.additem 000c8919 1 ;Amulet of Kynareth
player.additem 000c891b 1 ;Amulet of Mara
player.additem 000cc844 1 ;Amulet of Stendarr
player.additem 000cc846 1 ;Amulet of Talos
player.additem 000878bb 1 ;Amulet of Zenithar
player.additem 000cc848 1 ;Amulet of Arkay
player.additem 0006f993 1000 ;Firewood
player.additem 0000000f 10000 ;Gold

Todas la piedras a tu disposicion
player.addspell 000E5F4E ;The Apprentice Stone (Magicka Regeneration)
player.addspell 000E5f51 ;The Atronach Stone (Magicka +50 pts, Spell Absorption 50%, Regenerate Magicka -50%)
player.addspell 000e5f54 ;The Lady Stone (Regenerate Heath and Stamina 25% faster)
player.addspell 000E5F58 ;The Lord Stone (Resist Magic 25%, Armor Rating +50 pts)
player.addspell 000E5F5A ;The Lover Stone (Learn all skills 15% faster)
player.addspell 000e7329 ;The Ritual Stone (Raise all dead bodies around you)
player.addspell 000E5F61 ;The Serpent Stone (Paralyze target for 5s and Damage Health of target 25 pts)
player.addspell 000E732A ;The Shadow Stone (Become invisible for 60 seconds once a day)
player.addspell 000E5F5E ;The Steed Stone (Wearing armor does not affect speed, carry weight +100, equipped armor is weightless)
player.addspell 000E5F47 ;The Mage Stone (Learn all magic skills 20% faster)
player.addspell 000E5F45 ;The Thief Stone (Learn all stealth skills 20% faster)
player.addspell 000E5F4C ;The Warrior Stone (Learn all combat skills 20% faster)

Hechizos de conjuracion
player.addspell 00043324 ;Candlelight
player.addspell 0005ad5c ;Oakflesh
player.addspell 00043323 ;Magelight
player.addspell 0005ad5d ;Stoneflesh
player.addspell 04017731 ;DB Ash Shell
player.addspell 000211ee ;Detect Life
player.addspell 00051b16 ;Ironflesh
player.addspell 0001a4cc ;Telekinesis
player.addspell 00109111 ;Transmute
player.addspell 0005d175 ;Waterbreathing
player.addspell 040177af ;DB Ash Rune
player.addspell 000211ef ;Detect Dead
player.addspell 0005ad5e ;Ebonyflesh
player.addspell 0005ad5f ;Paralyze
player.addspell 000cdb70 ;Dragonhide
player.addspell 000b62e6 ;Mass Paralysis
player.addspell 000da746 ;Equilibrium
player.addspell 0401ce06 ;DB Bound Dagger
player.addspell 000211eb ;Bound Sword
player.addspell 000640b6 ;Conjure Familiar
player.addspell 0007e8e1 ;Raise Zombie
player.addspell 000211ec ;Bound Battleaxe
player.addspell 020045ba ;DG Conjure Boneman
player.addspell 000204c3 ;Conjure Flame Atronach
player.addspell 0009ce26 ;Flaming Familiar
player.addspell 00065bd7 ;Reanimate Corpse
player.addspell 0004dba4 ;Soul Trap
player.addspell 0200c600 ;DG Summon Arvak
player.addspell 0006d22c ;Banish Daedra
player.addspell 000211ed ;Bound Bow
player.addspell 0401cdf6 ;DB Conjure Ash Spawn
player.addspell 000204c4 ;Conjure Frost Atronach
player.addspell 020045b8 ;DG Conjure Mistman
player.addspell 04033c66 ;DB Conjure Seeker
player.addspell 00096d94 ;Revenant
player.addspell 04017782 ;DB Conjure Ash Guardian
player.addspell 0006f953 ;Command Daedra
player.addspell 0010fc16 ;Conjure Dragon Priest
player.addspell 0010ddec ;Conjure Dremora Lord
player.addspell 000204c5 ;Conjure Storm Atronach
player.addspell 020045b3 ;DG Conjure Wrathman
player.addspell 00096d95 ;Dread Zombie
player.addspell 0006f952 ;Expel Daedra
player.addspell 0007e5d5 ;Flame Thrall
player.addspell 0007e8df ;Dead Thrall
player.addspell 0007e5d6 ;Frost Thrall
player.addspell 0007e5d7 ;Storm Thrall
player.addspell 00012fcd ;Flames
player.addspell 0002b96b ;Frostbite
player.addspell 0002dd2a ;Sparks
player.addspell 0005db90 ;Fire Rune
player.addspell 00012fd0 ;Firebolt
player.addspell 0402732d ;DB Freeze
player.addspell 0006796f ;Frost Rune
player.addspell 0002b96c ;Ice Spike
player.addspell 0402732b ;DB Ignite
player.addspell 0002dd29 ;Lightning Bolt
player.addspell 00067970 ;Lightning Rune
player.addspell 00045f9d ;Chain Lightning
player.addspell 0001c789 ;Fireball
player.addspell 0003ae9f ;Flame Cloak
player.addspell 0003aea2 ;Frost Cloak
player.addspell 00045f9c ;Ice Storm
player.addspell 0003aea3 ;Lightning Cloak
player.addspell 0401772d ;DB Whirlwind Cloak
player.addspell 0010f7ec ;Icy Spear
player.addspell 0010f7ed ;Incinerate
player.addspell 0010f7ee ;Thunderbolt
player.addspell 00035d7f ;Wall of Flames
player.addspell 00035d80 ;Wall of Frost
player.addspell 00035d81 ;Wall of Storms
player.addspell 0007e8e4 ;Blizzard
player.addspell 0007a82b ;Fire Storm
player.addspell 0007e8e5 ;Lightning Storm
player.addspell 00021143 ;Clairvoyance
player.addspell 0004dee8 ;Courage
player.addspell 0004deeb ;Fury
player.addspell 0004dee9 ;Calm
player.addspell 0004deea ;Fear
player.addspell 0008f3eb ;Muffle
player.addspell 0004deee ;Frenzy
player.addspell 040177b7 ;DB Frenzy Rune
player.addspell 0004deec ;Rally
player.addspell 00027eb6 ;Invisibility
player.addspell 00028532 ;Fade Other
player.addspell 0004deed ;Pacify
player.addspell 0004deef ;Rout
player.addspell 0007e8dd ;Call to Arms
player.addspell 0007e8db ;Harmony
player.addspell 0007e8de ;Hysteria
player.addspell 0007e8da ;Mayhem
player.addspell 00012fcc ;Healing
player.addspell 00013018 ;Lesser Ward
player.addspell 0002f3b8 ;Fast Healing
player.addspell 0004d3f2 ;Healing Hands
player.addspell 0200e8d2 ;DG Necromantic Healing
player.addspell 000211f1 ;Steadfast Ward
player.addspell 02003f52 ;Sun Fire
player.addspell 0004b146 ;Turn Lesser Undead
player.addspell 000b62ef ;Close Wounds
player.addspell 000211f0 ;Greater Ward
player.addspell 00012fd2 ;Heal Other
player.addspell 0200e8d4 ;DG Heal Undead
player.addspell 0401d74b ;DB Poison Rune
player.addspell 0004d3f8 ;Repel Lesser Undead
player.addspell 020038b5 ;DG Stendarr's Aura
player.addspell 0005dd5d ;Turn Undead
player.addspell 020038b6 ;DG Vampire's Bane
player.addspell 0005312d ;Circle of Protection
player.addspell 000b62ee ;Grand Healing
player.addspell 0005dd60 ;Repel Undead
player.addspell 0005dd5e ;Turn Greater Undead
player.addspell 0008c1ab ;Bane of the Undead
player.addspell 000e0ccf ;Guardian Circle