100ft Robot Golf

Trofeos 100ft Robot Golf

Listado de trofeos de 100ft Robot Golf. Desbloquéalos todos.



Get The Band Back Together

Kick off the reunion tour


Calling in Favors

Convince Vahni to make some phone calls


The Final Tournament

Unlock the tournament on the Moon in Campaign mode


The Kuvo Maneuver

Block another player's ball mid-flight


Fully Synchronized

Achieve 99% synchronization or greater with a BioPal robot


Four Golfers, One Controller

Beat the Remote Control Challenge in under four minutes


Great Job!

Tell another robot golfer that they're doing a great job



Purchaste a customization item from the Golf Shop


Thank you for supporting eSports

Complete the Speedrun Hole of Fame challenge


This Is (Not) Goodbye

Reveal the shocking twist at the end of 100ft Robot Golf!


The Eagle Maneuver

Score an Eagle or better on any course


The Daz Maneuver

Sink a ball without using a putter


Saints Flow

Customize every robot to represent Stilwater's best


Good Dog!

Complete the Canine Instrumentality Project


Driver of Steel

Complete the Strokerun Hole of Fame without a single hole going over par