A Fisherman's Tale

Trofeos A Fisherman's Tale

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Explorer at the edge of the world

Unlock all of the Fisherman's trophies



Once upon a time...


The Fearful One

Unlock Chapter 1


The Famished One

Unlock Chapter 2


The Dutiful One

Unlock Chapter 3


The Lighthouse

Unlock Chapter 4


Free... at last!

... and so our story ends


Over there... a pearl!

Find your first magical pearl, hidden somewhere in the little puppet's world


Pearls of a new beginning

Find all the pealrs hidden in the Prologue


Pearls from home

Find all the pealrs hidden in Chapter 1


Pearls from the depths

Find all the pealrs hidden in Chapter 2


Pearls from the Father

Find all the pearls hidden in Chapter 3


Pearls from the heights

Find all the pearls hidden in Chapter 4


Great pearl hunter

Find all the magical pearls hidden in the little puppet's world


Almost free

The little puppet sets sail


Obsessive cleaner

The very first model... now spotless!


Don't make me say no again!

The noble crustacean loses patience


Adamantium crustacean

This shell truly is unbreakable


Bad food habits

Frustate the big tuna


The tornado

A tornado has turned the place upside down, carrying away 25 objects in the whirlwind


A steady routine

Cheer up the tiny Fisherman... even at the depths of the ocean


Size does matter

Grab one of the very large objects during Chapter 3


Superior protection for a healthy mouth!

Get these shark teeth all shiny and clean



Throw away the last match in the whole universe



A very big matchbox for a very tiny fisherman


Farewell, tiny puppet

One last pat on the tiny puppet's shoulder


Economy of means

Finish the game by grabbing less than 150 objects


Hand in hand

Give an object to yourself


Dare the impossible

Try to grab the tiny puppet in the model



Throw an object beyond the limits of your world