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Logros y Trofeos AFL Evolution

Listado de logros y trofeos de AFL Evolution. Desbloquéalos todos.



Cannot Separate Them

Draw a match


On A String

Achieve 40 disposals with 1 player in a match


Putting On A Clinic

Have 6 or more goal scorers in a match


Down to the Wire

Score the winning goal from a set shot after the final siren


Having a Shocker

Kick the ball out on the full 3 times in a match


Tackle Fest

Perform more than 50 tackles in one match



Take a Speckie


The Barrel

Kick a torpedo goal 60 meters out


A Day Out

Kick 10 goals with one player in a match



Hit the post



Kick a Grubber Goal


Lockett End

Kick more than 1360 goals



Play a match with every AFL Indigenous Guernsey


Coast To Coast

From a kick-in, score a goal without the opposition touching the ball


Complete Player

Complete a total of 200 match objetives


Single Minded

Complete all of your match objectives during a match


Local Heroes

Win a VFL Premiership


Footy is Back!

Complete the JLT Community Series


One Game at a Time

Win an AFL Premiership


Back to the Drawing Board

Lose an AFL Grand Final


Hall of Famer

Play all seasons in Career mode


Cream of the Crop

In Coach Career, have a footballer achieve a 95 overall rating


One Team Player

Retire after playing your whole Pro career at 1 AFL Club


The Kid Has Potential

In Pro Career win the NAB Rising Star


Rookie Choice

In Pro Career create a Rookie and play a match


Are You Experienced?

In Pro Career play a match as a listed player


The Big League

In Pro Career accept a contract offer to play in the AFL


Leadership Group

In Pro Career become captain of hyour team (Medium+)


Learning The Ropes

Reach level 5 as a rookie Pro Career player


Ball Sense

Reach level 15 as a rookie Pro Career player


Old Hand

Reach level 30 as a rookie Pro Career player


AFL Novice

Reach profile level 5


AFL Rookie

Reach profile level 15


AFL Free Agent

Reach profile level 30



Complete an online match


Bragging Rights

Win 5 online matches in a row


New Recruit

Complete a match using a custom created player


Expansion Granted

Complete a match using a custom team


I See It But I Do Not Believe It

Come from 50 points down to win (Medium+)


Premiership Quarter

Come from behind to lead at the end of the 3rd quarter in an AFL Grand Final (Hard+)


Total Domination

Finish a season top of the AFL ladder with no losses (Hard+)


Double Chance

Finish top 4 in a regular AFL season (Medium+)


Sharp Shooter

In a season kick 30 goals in a row without missing


200 Club

Complete 200 season objectives across multiple Career seasons



In Coach Career, a player on your team wins the Brownlow Medal (Medium+)



In Pro Career win the Norm Smith Medal in an AFL Grand Final


Wise Head

Reach level 50 as a rookie Pro Career player


AFL Veteran

Reach profile level 50



In Competition win every competition trophy (Hard+)


Back to Back to Back

In a Career, win 3 AFL Premierships in a row (Medium+)


Earn All Trophies

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