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American Ninja Warrior Challenge

Logros y Trofeos American Ninja Warrior Challenge

Listado de logros y trofeos de American Ninja Warrior Challenge. Desbloquéalos todos.



American Ninja Warrior

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The Mountain Top

Beat Mt Midoriyama


Rolling in Upgrades

Earn 2.000 in prize money


Patient and Precise

Complete 5 training courses


Host the Show

Unlock Matt and Akbar



Get to Vegas 5 times


Ninja for Life

Complete a characters career


SHort and Sweet

Beat Las Vegas Stage 1 in under 2 minutes


Double Time

Beat Las Vegas Stage 2 in under 2 minutes


The Swift Ninja

Beat Las Vegas Stage 3 in under 2 minutes


Join the Club

Create 5 characters


The Specialist

Complete 5 special events



Max out a stat


Practice Makes Perfect

Get 5 perfects inputs in a row


Too Close

Complete 5 save moments



Unlock 10 accesories


Try Something New

Unlock 5 costumes



Create 5 custom courses


Good Times

Unlock 5 celebrations


First Steps

Complete a course


My First Character

Create a character


Starter Course

Create a custom course


Stay Dry

Cmplete 5 quickplay courses without falling


Take a Dive

Fall in pools 10 times


Climb the Ladder

Complete 5 Ranked Courses