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Animal Super Squad

Logros y Trofeos Animal Super Squad

Listado de logros y trofeos de Animal Super Squad. Desbloquéalos todos.



Just like tf2

Find 5 hats


Can I just buy them instead?

Find 10 hats


Toilet Explorer

Finish 5 Levels With the Flushmaster as Starting Vehicle


Mile High Club

Finish 5 Levels With the Kopter as Starting Vehicle


Look how fast I'm going Mom

Finish 5 Levels WIth the Kopter Hat as Starting Vehicle


Toastin, Toastin, Toastin On You

Finish 5 Levels WIth the Sledge Toaster as Starting Vehicle


I Have No Fires Yet I Must Extinguish

Finish 5 Levels With the Flame Flower as Starting Vehicle


Baby's First Level

Upload One LEvel To the Community


El Pollo Legendo

Beat 5 Levels With Ruthie


Diz Ethan

Beat 5 Levels With Ethan


One Fish

Beat 5 Levels With Corndog


The Other Fish

Beat 5 Levels With Polka



Beat 5 LEvels With Slippy


Community Made is Where It's At

Play and Beat 10 Community Made Levels


Look Mom I did a Flip

Do a backflip


Waste of time

Find 20 hats


I've Seen Some Stuff

Play and Beat 50 Community Made Levels, you Total BadButt