Logros A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX

Listado de logros de A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda EX. Desbloquéalos todos.



Armored saint

Find the drone repair bay


I feel mighty, oh so mighty

Get stronger


Shield breaker

Break the enemy's shield with Plasma Shock or Lockdown


99 problems but a hit ain't one

Achieve 99 attack combo


Bursting with energy

Destroy 5 or more enemies at once with Solar Strike


I am the destroyer

Achieve character level 4


The first of many...

Beat Goliath


Break the shell

Beat Zypher Pod with Ares


Not-so-mighty Zytron Rangers

Beat Zytron Walker, Zytron Trooper and Zytron Booster with Tarus


Set Phaser to kill

Upgrade one of your weapons to its maximum level


Prinary directive

Finish the game with Ares


But that's another story

Finish the game with Tarus


Behold, my true strength

Achieve character level 5


... Should've brought a friend

Beat Carrion with both Ares and Tarus


Secondary directive

Beat the boss in chapter 5 with Ares


It's the only way

Beat the boss in chapter 5 with Tarus


And don't come back

Perfect the Gliath boss fight


...Not nearly long enough

Perfect the Carrion boss fight


It was a freakin' Bug hunt

Perfect the Zypher Pod boss fight


It's just my size

Perfect the Sentinel boss fight


...Not nearly big enough

Perfect the Prime Guardian boss fight


Ready for action

Acquire all abilities and weapons



Collect all the data cubes


I have the power

Collect all upgrade chips


Vulgar display of power

Upgrade every weapon and ability to its maximum level


Unlimited Power

Finish every chapter without using repair


Universal Soldier

Achieve character level 6


So much fail...

Perfect the boss fight in chapter 5 with Tarus


Embrace the Dark Side

Perfect the boss fight in chapter 5 with Ares


Oh, the humanity

Perfect the Minos Cannon boss fight