Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1

Logros y Trofeos Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1

Listado de logros y trofeos de Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 1. Desbloquéalos todos.




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Double your money in Black Jack (400$)


I Hear Them Marching in my Sleep

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Centipede


Dawn of a New Era

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Liberator


Dead Weight

Earn more than triple the other player's points in a game of tethered 2-player Space Duel


Dizzying Heights

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Space Duel


Fear the Claw

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Tempest



Kill your human opponent in a 2-player game of arcade Warlords before any Als die


Hare Razing

Get the top score of 99 Air-Sea Battle's Shooting Gallery


Top of the Food Chain

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Black Widow


Sharp Shooter

Take out 10 fleas in a row in arcade Centipede, without letting one reach the bottom or losing a life


They Named a Crater after Me

Hit the ground in Lunar Lander with at least 550 downward velocity



Take out an entire Millipede with DDT in the arcade version


Legs! Legs Everywhere!

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Millipede


Corner Pocket

Earn a point in Pong by sending the ball into the corner when it can't be reached



Win a game of Pong against the AI without losing a point to it


For All Insectkind!

Achieve a score of 300.000 or higher in Yar's Revenge



Take out the Swirl with your Zorlon Cannon in Yars' Revenge


Surgical Strike

Clear a level in Canyon Bomber with limited bombs (Games 1-4)


Neat Freak

Eliminate all the mushrooms in a level of arcade Centipede


Bank Shot

Score a kill in Combat's Tank-Pong using a shot that has bounced at least 7 times


Space Jockey

Earn 800 points in Lunar Lander's Command Mission


Digging Deep

Finish Level 81 or above in arcade Tempest without losing a life in the level


We Don't Need No Fortification

Win with no wall left in arcade Warlords


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