Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

Logros y Trofeos Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2

Listado de logros y trofeos de Atari Flashback Classics Vol. 2. Desbloquéalos todos.




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Square Dancing

Solve Atari Video Cube


Music Lessons

Play Happy Birthday in Brain Games' Play-Me (Game 19)


Bentley's Beast

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Crystal Castles



Get a score of at least 10 in solo game of Flag Capture


Garbage Day

Hit the ejected garbabe in Major Havoc


Missile Commander

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Missile Command


Flying High

Earn a bonus life in Red Baron



WinLevel 2 without slaying a single dragon in Adventure


UFO Hunter

Kill 10 UFOs in a single level of arcade Asteroids without dying


Escape Velocity

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Gravitar


I Ain't Afraid of No House

Win Ultimate Hauned House (Game 9)


The Major Gets a Promotion

Reach the top of the local scoreboard in Major Havoc


Red Sunset

Get to level 19 in arcade Missile Command


We Can Rebuild

Earn a bonus city in arcade Missile Command after losing all your cities


Dot Swatter

Get a score of at least 40 in Race's solo Crash n Score (Game 8)


Brick Slayer

Clear a full screen in arcade Super Breakout while playing cavity or double



Win a game of Video Chess against the machine at Skill Level 4


Home for Dinner

Finish Adventure Level 1 in under 40 seconds



Go an entire level of arcade Asteroids with a score of zero


Unrocking your World

Get a score of 50.000 without losing a life in Asteroids Deluxe


Eyes on the Road

Get extended play in a Sprint 2 race without hitting any walls or oil


Hello, Beta Pegasi!

Get to 60 parsecs in Star Ship's Warp Drive game (Games 10 or 11)


I Own the Quadrant

Attain a rank of Admiral in a game of Stellar Track


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