Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

Trofeos Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

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The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey

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A Dream-like power

You met Sophie and Plachta


First recommendation letter

You got a recommendation


Like a wind

You made a ship that can fly


With master

You went on an alchemic journey with Sophie


Quest for the truth

You decided to perfect your alchemy skills


Whimsical Journey

Went on a journey with Liane


The two's Atelier

Opened an alchemy shop with Ilmeria


Rookie puppeteer

Decided to take part in Drossel's puppet show


Goal is to be the strongest

Decided to travel with Revy


Archaeological journey

Decided to go on an archeological journey



Decided to become a teacher a school


My friend is a flower

Decided to beocme friends with plants around the world


Treasure beyond the steam vapor

Enjoyed a hot spring


Traditional dance

Enjoyed a traditional festival at Flussheim


Singing poet

Listened to a song of appreciation


Gift from mother

You wore the cloths your mother sent you


The most important thing

You watched Firis is held by Liane


Make up

Made up with Ilmeria


Puppet show with a soul

Held a puppet show


Revy's success diary

You watched Revy become successful as a chef



You witnessed how much Angriff can drink


This is EXTREME Compounding!!

You carried out EXTEME Compounding


Found a landmark

Found a landmark


Journey records

Buried a map in a certain location


Environmental change

You melted the snow on the snow mountain


Leave it to Firis!

Completed a lot of chain quests


Knowledge is power

Submitted a lot of information


Atelier makeover

Changed the Atelier design


Sis check it out

Changed costumes



You checked many barrels


No tricks at all

You set up your first Atelier



Increased the number of items using Corneria doll


Over come death

Defeated Avenger


Firmament Lord

Defeated Logius


Deep dark water

Defeated the One from the Deep Waters


The two gods

Defeated Twin Gods


Tornado ship

Created a ship than can go through tornados


What I want to do

You decided what you want to do


Traveled around the world

You visited everywhere


As an alchemist

You came up with a lot of recipes


Master and apprentice battle

You beat Sophie in an official exam


Qualified alchemist!

You passed the official alchemist exam


Never ending journey

Decided to go on a never ending journey


The girl that knows the origin

Defeated Palmyra