Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland

Trofeos Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland

Listado de trofeos de Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland. Desbloquéalos todos.



Assignment 1

Clear the 1st assignment


Assignment 2

Clear the 2nd assignment


Assignment 3

Clear the 3rd assignment


Assignment 4

Clear the 4th assignment


Assignment 5

Clear the 5th assignment


Assignment 6

Clear the 6th assignment


Assignment 7

Clear the 7th assignment


Assignment 8

Clear the 8th assignment


Assignment 9

Clear the 9th assignment


Assignment 10

Clear the 10th assignment


Assigment 11

Clear the 11th assignment


Assignments Cleared!

Clear the last assignment


Rorona's Workshop

Obtained after the event where the workshop is passed down to Rorona


The Puppet Show Begins

Obtained after the first Lionela event


The Wandering Bard

Obtained after the first Tantris event


The Ghost & Teddy Bear

Obtained after the first Pamela event


Making up

Obtained after the event where Rorona and Cordelia make up


Honorable Injury

Obtained after the event where Sterk gets injured


Busy Cafe

Obtained after the event where Rorona helps out Iksel


Puppet and a Girl

Obtained after the event whre the puppets get fixed



Obtained after the event where Rorona and Tantris play music together



Obtained after the event where Gio slices up a monster


Hom and Kitten

Obtained after the event with Hom and the kitten


Drunken Tiffani

Obtained after the event where Rorona goes to the lake with everyone


Cordelia Ending

See the Cordelia Ending image


Gio Ending

See the Gio Ending Image


Astrid Ending

See the Astrid Ending image


Good Ending

See the Good Ending image


Iksel Ending

See the Iksel Ending image


Sterk Ending

See the Sterk Ending image


Normal Ending

See the Normal Ending image


Lionela Ending

See the Lionela Ending image


Tantris Ending

See the Tantris Ending image


Pie Master ENding

See the Pie Shop Ending image


Adventurer Ending

See the Adventurer Ending image


The Cabbage Girl

Win the Cabbage Festival contest



Defeat one of the dragons


Demon Hunter

Defeat a demon at Night¡s Domain



Defeat Iron Giant at Orthogalaxen


Alchemists from the Future

Meet alchemists from the future


Endless Search for Marriage

Help find Esty's love


Present from the Future

Receive a gift from master from the future


Once More Unto The Lake

Go to the lake for a vacation with Esty


Rich Ending

See the Rich Ending image


Adventurer Lv. 50

Reach Adventurer Level 50


Alchemy Lv. 50

Reach Alchemy Level 50


Martial Master

Reach the Martial Contest


Lord of the Demonkin

Obatined after you purify the demon lord


Emperor of the Deep

Obtained after you defeat the Ozean Kaiser


Ancient Champin of the Sky

Obtained after you defeat the wyvern that rules the skies


True Ending

Obtained by seeing the True Ending image


Let's Meet Again!

Obtained after you send the two alchemists back to the future



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