Battle Princess Madelyn

Logros y Trofeos Battle Princess Madelyn

Listado de logros y trofeos de Battle Princess Madelyn. Desbloquéalos todos.



You've gotten all trophies

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I've got a bone to pick with you...

Beat the kings guard! Now you have a map to continue your journey8


It's the Witching Hour!

Crushed the evil witch sisters!


You found me beautiful once...

Defeated the evil tree


A light afternoon snack

Defeated the zombie boar


Escaped the Belly of the Beast

Defeated the heart of the eel


You've been a bad kitty!

Defeated a mutated Max


Somebody light a match!

Defeated the fart troll


A friend in need!

Defeated Undead Nuburu


Not so "hoppy" now, huh?

Defeat giant toy rabbit


Gone to the dogs!

Fritzy eats the wizards head


All dogs go to heaven!

Defeat the evil sorceress


It's just what I do!

You've killed 100 enemies


I've been training for this!

You've killed 1.000 enemies


Battle Princess!

You've killed 2.500 enemies


It's just pocket change!

You've collected 5.000 gold pieces


A royal bounty!

You've collected 20.000 gold pieces


Just saving up for my own castle!

You've collected 100.000 gold pieces


Poor little girl...

You've released your first spirit from it's shackles


So many have ben lost!

You've released 15 spirits


Spirits be free!

You've released all spirits


How did our toys get out here?

Found your first Doll


How many toys do we have?

You've found half the dolls


One sweet toy collection!

You've found all of the dolls


Meet Princess Mage Sofia!

You've unllocked the hidden level


Well that guy sure was crabby!

You've defeated the Crab Mini boss


A stitch in time!

You've completed Stitch Bot!


We have the tools and the talent!

Collected all of the runes for Fritzy to unlock the gates to the ruins


King of the Arcades!

Finished Arcade Mode


I guess that makes me famous!

Collect the Maddi doll, you've got your face in a game Maddi


The sign said "Watch your step!"

Get eaten by the tentacle monsters