Logros Battletoads

Listado de logros de Battletoads. Desbloquéalos todos.



Toads in a Hole

Escaped from the simulation bunker


Road Rash

Went in search of the evil Dark Queen


Parks & Recreational Violence

Battled through a creepy amusement park


Enough Toying Around

Discovered the Queen's Secret Lair


Should Get the Pants First

Reunited with an old frenemy


Came, Sawed, Conquered

Showed the Lumberjacks who's boss


Logged Out

Recovered the first Medallion of Respect


A Test of Medal

Recovered the second Medallion of Respect


Jeff of a Selighsman

Escaped from Jercury Nine


We Were Provoked

Successfully trialed the ship's weapons


Learning the Ropes

Took the first steps on a mountain hike


Street Justice!

Taught some litterbugs a lesson


Hiking With Friends

Continue towards the mountain summit


Galaxy's Most Wanted

Had a run-in with the authorities


A Mountain Sense of Unease

Reached the peak of the mountain


Whit Friend Like These...

Had a falling-out with your friends


Rebooting Battletoads

Repaired the ship in the nick of time


The Enema of My Enemy

Escaped from topian Captivity. Ew.


Drawn Together, Tornado Apart

Battled with the revitalised Dark Queen



Escaped from a Topian Nightmare


Never Did Get That Sandwich

Put an end to the tyranny of the Topians


Into the Third Dimensio

Used your tongue to reach the background


B-B-B-Block Breaker!!

Smashed through 50 enemy block attempts


You're Dead, You Ding-Dongs!

You agreed to be the Topians' puppets


Season Two When?

You completed the story! Nice



Defeated 100 enemies


Special Effects

Used 200 Toad Abilities


Mighty Morphing

Finished off 200 enemies with morph attacks


Thoroughly Tested

Destroyed 50 enemies in space combat


It Begins...

Got your first collectable


Scratching an Itch

Got all collectables in a level


Making Progress

Got a total of 25 collectables


I've Started So I'll Finish

Got a total of 75 collectables


Did You Use a Walkthrough?

Got every collectable in the game!


Three is the Magic Number

All the Toads attacked the same enemy in 3P Co-Op


Reviving a Classic

Revived another player during Co-Op play


Not all Toads are Equal

You earned a multiplayer participation award



In 3P Co-Op, all Toads did a rail grind at once


Hack-Door Shenanigans

Hacked a door as a team in Co-Op


Live and Let Drive

In 3P Co-Op, all Toads were on bikes together for 300 seconds


Can't Touch This

In Co-Op compelted Time For Plan B without taking a hit


To Me, To You

Built up a 100-hit combo in Co-Op


Toad Cuddle!

Finished the game on "Bttletoads" difficulty



Brawling... With Style!

Eaarned your first "S" Rank from an encounter


Straight-A Student

Earned 20 "A" Ranks from encounters


Dodgebrawl Champion

Finished a fight without taking damage



Survived the first space battle for 45 seconds without shooting


Hey, This is a Rental!

Scored 75 ear-missed while riding a rented Turbo bike



Took an enemy's photo when it's in warning distance


Be Tight

Defeated the Jasonians without any restarts


Take This, Axeman!

Used spit to keep Axeley's weapon stuck in the ground


Toad if Off & On Again

Repaired the ship without any reboots


The Purge

Escaped the Topian's stomach in less than 4 minutes


Warped Sense of Humor

Hit the fake "Warp Wall" during Nightmare Rider


Dealt a Lucky Hand

Got a flawless victory in Toadshambo


Not Just for the Holidays

Landed a streak of 15 hits destroying a totem


The Dlala Code

Entered the Dlala Code during the credits


Blink and You'lll Miss It

Defeated 25 pink eyeballs during "Time For Plan B"


Hit The Drop

Freefell more than 10 metres while escaping the enema


Extra Credit

Watched the credits



Took a picture with Axeley's standee