Blue-Collar Astronaut

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Trail Blazer

Who put these cones here?


Call the gecko-caveman-money-sandwich thing

We make mascots and dabble in insurance


Got further than Don

Next stop, riches!



All that glitters is not Au


Pizza Perfect

The pizza is safe... for now


10-4 Good Buddy

You've trucked all there is to truck


I pity the schoo!

Teacher's pet


Pizza robot got nothin' on me

In the distant future, pizza delivery is a matter of life and death... and pizza


Outta my grill

Took the worst the universe could throw at you


With honors

The classiest of the top of the class


Pizza without fail

No challenge is too great when it comes to getting great pizza to the masses


The way of the space road

Clearly truckin' runs at the core of you


Keep those expenses low

Some things you can't learn in school. Although fuel conservation appears to not be one of those things


Get it there cheap

Pizza is a game of profit margin and you've mastered it


Semi... expensive

Get it? One of my favorite puns so far


Kid genius

Finished school in under 10 minutes


No money back

Pizza on time. Every. Time


Sleep is overrated

Payed for three day shipping. Got it in two


You're a hero!

Defender of the masses. Or at least people who won't leave without their pizza


There can only be one

Spacelander. Coming to theathers near you


Oh no!

If a planet is destroyed a glaaxy over, and nobody is around to hear it, does it make a sound?


Asteroid defense could use more funding

It's a big sky and there is a surprising amout in it


Thanks for playing!

... and thanks for checking out the credits!


These things happen

Somebody should really clean that graffiti up


Hey! I'm napping here!

Let sleeping truckers lie


One year in

It's been a blast... or two. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha


Student loan unlocked!

What would self-betterment be without a little hurdle?


Master of student loans

Not one, but two for the price of two!


Dr. Loans DSD.

Doctorate prestige will vary


Payin' down the plastic

Look at you. So responsible



Paid your student loans down $2.000. Because you're awesome


Not a scratch!

The resale value has held up amazingly!



Stared into the void. Laughed


Keep it topped off

You're so green, you could be any alien from an old schi-fi film


Master of time

Time is relatively precious


Living on a prayer

WooooooOOOOh we're half way there


<Insert kitty poster>

Hang in there


Buy more sticky notes

A fantastic use of the last sticky note. That's just good planning


Master of the normal

Aint nobody done normals like me


Loan down!

The future is bright... er!



This is the maximum percent for any game that cares about math Thanks for playing


Thy core is of a hard persuasion

The hardcore do understand


Done did everything

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