Bullet Soul

Logros Bullet Soul

Listado de logros de Bullet Soul. Desbloquéalos todos.



Platinum bancho

Earned platinum medal at all stage of bancho mode


Red hot skull

Played the game using Zenichi


FA-98 Stinger

Played the game using Yun


Turtle 10000

Played the game using Sadahl


Captain Eagle

Destroyed the stage 1 mid-boss A


Captain Titan

Destroyed the stage 1 mid-boss B


Big Decaron

Destroyed the stage 2 mid-boss



Destroyed the stage 3 mid-boss


Death Mantera

Detroyed the stage 4 mid-boss


General Poison

Destroyed the stage 5 mid-boss


Earn the first Medal

Earned the first stage cleared Medal


Master of cross-Shot

Destroyed total 500 units using cross-Shot


Master of lock-on

Keep a lock-on attacking for 30 seconds


Nice bombs

Using bombs just before being enemy's shot



Defeated Geruge at stage 3 after stripped off all its carapace


Speak ill of a dead person

Destroyed the wreckage of Gun Frog at stage 3


Chamber is empty

Pushed bomb button in the state of no bomb


Going all out when caravan comes

Played caravan mode


Piece of cake

Played the game by loop


Silver Medal 5

Earned five and over Silver Medals


Building Collapse

Earned the bonus at first stage by collapsing the building


Simultaneosly destruction

Earned bonus by destroying Jagleon simultaneously


Base analysis

Earned bonus at stage 2 by interrupting base of each blocks


The name is, Z!

Earned bonus by annihilated Z with complete playing



Earn bonus at stage 4 by destroying all parts of battleship


Giving way the bridge

Earned bonus points by giving way all of the bridge at stage 5


Platinum medal Version B

Watched all of ending movie at Version B


You will die pitching forward

Stayed 15 and over seconds at upper dirction of the screen, but was shot down


That's a waste!

Being destroyed without using bombs, till at last the game was over


For opening and consecutive bomb

Since starting Boss battle, you could cause above a certain damages by using only bombs


Captain Phoenix

Destroyed the stage 1 boss



Watched the ending movie of Zenichi



Watched the ending movie of Yun



Watched the ending movie of Sadahl


Gold medal 5

Earned five and over Gold Medals


Clear without bombs

Cleared without using bombs


Top rapid shooter

Shooting down the enemies quickly and raised 70 and over units reinforcements


Top shooter

Earned ten million and over shooting poiints by one enemy


Top scorer

Earned one hundred million and over points for one playing


Flying Ace

Shot down 1.000 and over units for one playing


Bonus king

Earned ten and over bonus for one stage


Enthusiastic in studying

Watched Leaderboards of caravan mode



Watched ending movie by loop



Earned the bonus by destroying Gasshern before combining


Z again

Destrooyed all Z of caravan mode with perfect playing


Destruction of Twin Mawar

Destroyed both Twin Mawar


If you can endure for 2minutes

Cleared caravan mode with perfect playing


Caravan bancho

Earned platinum medals at caravan mode


First battle

Played caravan mode and remained the records


Which one do you like?

Playing caravan mode using all units and remained the records


Kaiser Naboon

Destroyed the stage 2 boss


Platinum medal 5

Earned five and over Platinum Medals


Stage 1 Bancho

Earned Platinum Medal at stage 1 of Bancho mode


Stage 2 Bancho

Earned Platinum Medal at stage 2 of Bancho mode


Stage 3 Bancho

Earned Platinum Medal at stage 3 of Bancho mode


Stage 4 Bancho

Earned Platinum Medal at stage 4 of Bancho mode


Stage 5 Bancho

Earned Platinum Medal at stage 5 of Bancho mode


While there's life, there's hope

Stayed 30 and over seconds at upper direction of the screen



Destroyed the stage 3 boss


Mecha-Warl Version B

Defeated real boss at Version B



Detroyed the stage 4 boss


Enter the Second Loop

Played the Second Loop


Proof of earning

Earned various bonus 500 times in total


Proof of striking

Earned Tamashii gauge 2.000 magnification in total


Overcome yourself!

Renewed best score for 3 times at caravan mode


Medal King

Earned 50 and over medals at Version B (accumulated total)


Ending version B

Watched all of ending movie at Version B



Destroyed the stage 5 boss



Destroyed the true-Boss