Castaway Paradise

Logros y Trofeos Castaway Paradise

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You can be trout of yourself!

Donate all fish


That's a buzzing collection!

Donate all bugs


Stop being so shellfish!

Donate all shells



Donated every collectible


Home Crashers

Visit all buildings and rooms


That took Ridiculously Long, wee one!

Rebuild Angus' Trailer


You're the best, honey!

Rebuild Victoria's Mansion


I can sea clearly now

Rebuild the Lighthouse


We make a great pear!

Grow every type of fruit


Leaf me alone!

Grow every type of flower


Lettuce turnip the beet!

Grow every type of crop


Living the Luxurious Life

Live the luxury life of a VIP


Are you shore I can have these?

Donate 15 shells


Well read

Read 50 chit chats


Employee of the Month!

Completed 100 quests


The Wolf of Castaway Paradise

Make a profit of 5.000 gems on the Stock Market


Money in the bank!

Make a profit of 2.000 gems at the Bank


Weave come a long way

Remove 25 cobwebs


Helped the Museum

Donate a collectable


Fully equipped

Used every piece of equipment


Meet the villagers

Introduced yiourself to all the villagers


Très bien, grasshopper

Rebuild Gustave's Bakery


Thanks a lot, quack!

Rebuild Amelia's Planehouse


Young master, that's real nice of you!

Rebuild Harold's Museum


Great work, little swabber

Rebuild Francis' Pirateshack


Expanding Business

Rebuild a bridge


More room to fill!

Unlock the second room in your house


Open Sesame!

Unlock a gate


Enjoy the Island Life

Completed the tutorial


Dressed to Impress

Changed every piece of outfit


Clothes, but no cigar

Wore an outfit of the opposite gender


Something is bugging me

Donate 15 bugs


I don't quite sea it

Donate 15 fish


Easy job!

Completed 25 quests


Wise Investor

Make a profit of 500 gems on the Stock Master


You are so RADish!

Harvest 50 crops


May all your weeds be wildflowers

Remove 50 weeds


Picky, aren't we?

Remove 25 stones


It's a total dump out there...

Collect 25 pieces of garbage


Started a collection

Get your first collectable


Got all trophies

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