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Deception IV: Blood Ties

Trofeos Deception IV: Blood Ties

Listado de trofeos de Deception IV: Blood Ties. Desbloquéalos todos.



Devil's Daughter

Clear chapter one in Story mode


Castle Conqueror

Clear chapter three in Story mode


Factory Finisher

Clear chapter six in Story mode


Amusement Park Survivor

Clear chapter nine in Story mode


Dark Deceiver

Clear Story mode


Naughty Girl

Clear a Mission


Wayward Woman

Clear ten or more Missions


The All-Knowing One

Complete the Enemy List



Defeat all the enemy characters which appear in Story mode



Perform an armor break


Skill Collector

Acquuire all abilities


Gadget Lover

Use a trapmobile



View a Death by Trapmobile


Reliable Worker

Fulfill a Daemon Request


Quest Clearer

Clear a quest you have downloaded in Cross-Quest mode


Quest Creator

Upload a quest you have created in Cross-Quest mode


Stage Trap Enthusiast

Use a stage trap


100 Souls Claimed

Kill a total of 100 enemies



Score a 10+ hit combo



Capture an enemy



Download a replay



Upload a replay


Dark Side Princess

Watch all story endings


The Devil Herself

Clear all the Missions


Ultimate Destroyer

Perform an armor break on all characters who are wearing breakable armor


Trap Collector

Acquire all traps


Super Gadget Lover

Use all trapmobiles


External Executional

View all Deaths by Trapmobile


Super Quest Clearer

Clear ten quests you have downloaded in Cross-Quest mode


Super Quest Creator

Upload ten quests you have created in Crost-Quest mode


1000 Souls Claimed

Kill a total of 1000 enemies



Score a 15+ hit combo


Elaborate Expert

Earn at least 999.999 Elaborate Exp.


Sadistic Expert

Earn at least 999.999 Sadistic Exp.


Humiliating Expert

Earn at least 999.999 Humiliating Exp.


Big Earner

Earn more than 700.000 Warl in total


Ark Master

Earn more than 2.000.000 Ark in total


Obsessive Collector

Upgrade all traps



Fulfill all Daemon Requests


Stage Trap Master

Usage all stage traps


Trap Master

Consigue el resto de trofeos del juego