Logros y Trofeos Defiance

Listado de logros y trofeos de Defiance. Desbloquéalos todos.



A Friend in Need

Arkhunting can be a lonely vocation without trusted friends



Valuable relics from the destroyed Votan arks frequently and dangerously rain from the sky


Arkhunting Party

Arkfalls draw uite a crow for as dangerous as they are; Risk vs reward, or so they say


Bit of an EGO

Von Bach has unlocked the secrets of EGO technology for commercial use; You are proof


Holy Shtako!

New Freedom has crashed, you've made a few new friends and one of them lives inside your head


Skruggin' Ark Core

Von Bach is alive, he has an Ark Core, and Cass is not happy about it


Wrong Hands

Cooper and Ara are good people and you'll need them now that Dark Matter has the Matrix


That Hagisi Lied

Rosa had revenge and is grateful for the help, but the Matrix is still missing, no thanks to Varus


Everyone Will Die

Torc's a badass, but so's Nim, as Von Bach learned too late; It'll take everyone to bring Nim down


Who... Are You?

Nim is dead, again, and the secrets of Defiance will remain; If only Karl could see you now



Piercer needed an intervention


Broom Closet

Varus killed a monster


Save Your Ganchis

That darn Varus


Call Me Psycho

Poor Peter Nardone


Ha!, Ha!, Ha! Ha! Ha!

Wait... Motherlode is a dude?


Not Bad at All

You can't destroy energy


Super Excited

Now... which core was that again?


Individual Pursuit

You completed your first pursuit in the Bay Area


Hot Pursuit

You completed 5 pursuits in the Bay Area


Pursuit of Happiness

You completed 10 pursuits in the Bay Area


High Speed Pursuit

You completed 15 pursuits in the Bay Area


Pursuuit of Excellence

You completed 20 pursuits in the Bay Area


Executive Wash Room

On the cutting edge, Von Bach industries is one of the few corporations with truly global reach


Private Booth

While the gulanite boom put it on the map, Soleptor Enterprises has its fingers in many pies


Office in Back

Top Notch Toolworks is all about family tradition and custom craftsmanship


Secure Channel

Despite the violence, Echelon is still a business; Because of the violence business is good


Seven days a Week

Your contributions to the Bay Area have not gone unnoticed


Key to Paradise

It's thanks to people like you that the community of Paradise might actually incorporate some day


Arkhunting Safari

The amount of debris still in the Ark Belt is nearly limitless; Talk about job security


Freight Magnate

Arkfall really did a number on shipping costs



That dark, dead, spot in the sky is the Votanis System



Raiders shut down sea lanes faster than E-Rep can open them


Stroking Your EGO

EGO host a Votan artificial intelligence, the implications of which ar not fully understood


Powerfull EGO

EGO integrates at the genetic level, boosting the capabilities of the host beyond natural limits


Chasing Shadows

Echelon values experienced Shadow Operatives like yourself


Vehicular Manslaughter

Normally Echelon hires drivers for non-combat contracts; For you, they make exceptions


Brain Surgeon

When Echelon needs a skilled assassin, they know who to call


Upper Echelon

Quantity over quality, but dead is still dead


Monolithic Landmark

Some gatekeepers are not to be trifled with



As your EGO evolves, so does your ability to handle diverse tactical situations


Widely Regarded

You are a true professional and well respected by the movers and shakers in Paradise


EGO Maniac

Both the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective are behind the curve in regulating EGO research


Abundance of Ego

The evolution of your EGO is a testament to the genius of Von Bach and his mastery of Votan tech



It would be more impressive if you did it in a single jump...


Calculated Killer

To your enemies across the new frontier, your name is "Death"


Good Cardio

Sure, it's fun. But swimming's not the most effective means of travel...


Wait For It...

You have found an extremely rare and valuable weapon; Make good use of it


Shoot to Skill

While it's good to specialize, it's wise to pick up a variety of skills


EGOcentric Arkhunter

Your EGO has evolved past VBI's most optimistic forecasts


Legend of Defiance

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