Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed

Logros y Trofeos Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed

Listado de logros y trofeos de Destroy All Humans! 2 - Reprobed. Desbloquéalos todos.



Shop Til They Drop

Upgrade Crypto in the Pox Mart at a saucer landing zone


Pimp My Raid

Upgrade your saucer in the Pox Mart at a saucer landing zone



Use a Furotech Reactor to purchase a captstone upgrade in the Pox Mart


Re-Return of the Clone of the Invasion II-2

Re-visit a mission in the Holopoxdeck at a saucer landing zone


Mash Machine

Accelerate Brain Extract, Body Snatch, Transmog or Drain by mashing that button like you mean it


Hidden Human Hive Harvest

Use your saucer's weapons to scare human cattle out of their hidden hives on each map


Perfect Probulator

Score three perfectly-timed Anal Probes in a row


Ducks in a Row, Fish in a Barrel

Line up three humans with the Dislocator and send them sprawling


Furon Fashion

Try out a new look for Crypto in the Cloning Chamber


Earthly Pleasures

Rifle through your Furonigami collection



Outrun Blisk Spores with S.K.A.T.E.


Rock of the Bay

Invade Bay City


Lie Back and Think of Albion

Invade Albion


I Look Up As I Walk to Takoshima

Invade Takoshima


The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Tunguska!

Invade Tunguska


Fly Me to the Moon Base

Invade Solaris


Bodied Sattva

Dsetroy a tool in Bay City


Fresly Squeezed

Destroy a dastardly double agent in Albion


Die Nasty

Destroy a majestic presence in Albion



Destroy a familiar-looking monster in Takoshima



Destroy a washed-up scammer in Takoshima



Destroy an old foe in Tunguskan ship-to-ship battle



Destroy a crusty old criptid in Tunguska


Lobster Blisque

Destroy the crab behind the curtain


Toilet Break

Demolish a public toilet on each map


Cult Following

Complete your first steps on the Path of the Sacred Crotch


Arkvoodle Doodle

Summon Arkvoodle and take hold of his vibrating super-weapon


Transmitting From Sol-3

Phone home


Forbidden Donut

Throw a cop through a donut with PK


Albion Bridge Is for Falling Down

Drop a human from the top of Albion Bridge by cancelling PK


Higher Than the Futen Zoku

Ascend Takoshima Tower


Ouch of Body Experience

Kill a reincarnated guru with his own body


PK Slam Dunk

Find the hidden basketball on the moon and score a hoop with PK Slam


If You Know What I Mean

S.K.A.T.E. up the road to Coit Tower without interruption


To Russia With Love

S.K.A.T.E. from Parliament to the Russian embassy without interruption


Path of the Furon

S.K.A.T.E. from the temple gates through the park to Takoshima City without interruption


Trans-Siberian Express

S.K.A.T.E. from the landing zone near Tarkovskoye along the tracks to the East without interruption


Steezy Down the Spine

S.K.A.T.E. from the Blisk dome to the base's entrance without interruption


Against All Odds

Complete all odd jobs


Arty Facts

Collect all Alien Artifacts


Gotta Catch All the Pop Art

Collect all posters


This Is Earth Radio

Collect all songs


Ultimate Smoothie

Unlock all Gene Blender upgrades


The Optional Mandate

Complete all optional mission objectives (use the Holopoxdeck if you have to)