Dragonfly Chronicles

Trofeos Dragonfly Chronicles

Listado de trofeos de Dragonfly Chronicles. Desbloquéalos todos.



Trofeo de platino

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


Finding the truth

Get one note item


Unlock your first concept art

Get one concept art item


Unlock your first biography

Get one bio item


What was that?

Defeat the first boss enemy


Play like a master

Win one stage without getting damge


Enough powerfull for that!

Win one stage without using your skills


Not enough with boss?

Defeat supertank in stage 2


Running for your life

Win the parasite worm before you get eaten


Escape the complex

Escape from the dragonfly complex and destroy parasite worm


Mutant killer

Destroy 100 enemies in stage 3


Master of Jumping

Make your way through moving walls in stage 4


Over the machines

Destroy stage 4 super machine


Race against the camera

Make your way through moving section in stage 4


Bombs expert

Destroy all bombs in stage 5


Not even drills can destroy this wall

Destroy drill tank in stage 5


Watching the wheels

Survive stage 6 deadly wheels


No more embrios

Destroy super embrio in stage 6


Speed deaths

Destroy 100 enemies in stage 7


Pilot master

Destroy the sub-boss spaceship in any of its encounters with medium or high health


Enough of monsters

Destroy stage 7 boss


Gravity master

Complete stage 8 gravity zone


You made it!!

Complete all dragonfly chronicles stages