Dragon's Crown

Trofeos Dragon's Crown

Listado de trofeos de Dragon's Crown. Desbloquéalos todos.



The Adventure Begins...

Complete your first mission


Fantastic Fighter

Complete the game as a Fighter


Amazing Amazon

Complete the game as an Amazon


Dazzling Dwarf

Complete the game as a Dwarf


Epic Elf

Complete the game as a Dwarf


Wondrous Wizard

Complete the game as a Wizard


Scintillating Sorceress

Complete the game as a Sorceress



Defeat the Ancient Dragon Within 2 minutes on Normal


The Stolen Scepter

Retrieve the royal scepter


Lucain's Bones

Obtain the bones of the magician Lucain


Subterranean Subterfuge

Successfully gather intel from Bilbaron Fortress


Disappearing Damsels

Unravel the mystery behind the missing village girls


Royal Orb

Retrieve the royal orb


Purify the Sanctuary

Replace the holy seal


Rune Stones

Acquire the rune stones


Draconic Dissertations

Acquire research on the Ancient Dragon


Novice Art Collector

Obtain 1 piece of Treasure Art


Dabbling Collector

Obtain 5 pieces of Tresure Art


Amateur Collector

Obtain 10 pieces of Treasure Art


Art Lover

Obtain 15 pieces of Treasure Art


Art Connoisseur

Obtain 20 pieces of Treasure Art


Amateur Curator

Obtain 25 pieces of Treasure Art


Art Fiend

Obtain 30 pieces of Treasure Art


Art Hunter

Obtain 35 pieces of Treasure Art


Art Expert

Obtain 40 pieces of Treasure Art


Renowned Art Expert

Obtain 45 pieces of Treasure Art


Gallery Owner

Obtain 50 pieces of Treasure Art



Obtain a talisman



Obtain all the talismans


Crime and Punishment

You were thrown in jail 10 times. Poor impulse control leads to multiple incarcerations



Buy all the items in the store



Clear a round without taking damage


Insatiable Adventurer

Clear all 9 rounds in the Labyrint without returning to town



Purchase a Life Point for a dead companion


Merciful Fossor

Bury 100 sets of bones


Devout Follower

Offer 100000 gold to the goddess


King of the Colosseum

Be the champion of the colosseum ten times


Three-star Chef

Score over 50000 points during camp


Hardcore Hero

Conquer the game on Hard difficulty



Defeat the ANcient Dragon within 3 minutes on Hard


The Destroyer

Defeat the Anciente Dragon within 4 minutes on Infernal



Eat all the different food that can be made at camp



Reach level 99


Legendary Strike

Deal over 100.000 damage in one strike


Best of the Best

Earn over 5.000.000 points in one adventure


Blazing Hero

Conquer the game on Infernal difficulty


Order to Chaos

Defeat the Demon Lord in the Labyrinth of Chaos


Museum Owner

Fill the entire Treasure Art gallery


Dragon's Crown

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