Drakengard 3

Trofeos Drakengard 3

Listado de trofeos de Drakengard 3. Desbloquéalos todos.



Chapter Zero

Complete Chapter 0


The Flood of Lust

Defeat Phanuel


The Frigid Castle's Fall

Defeat Armaros


The Puppet Wrangler

Defeat Almisael


The Twin Wall's Slumber

Defeat Egregori


The Dragon's Purpose

Defeat Gabriel


Poison and Flowers

Defeat Raphael


The Sullied Dance

Defeat Abdiel


The Servile Dragon

Defeat Zophiel


The Immortal Color

Defeat Galgaliel


The Ancient Progenitor

Defeat Ezrael


Power of the Song

Activated Intoner mode for the first time


Momentary Perfection

Pulled off a successful counerattack


Skilled Combatant

Pulled off a weapon-change combo


First-time Shopper

Went shopping for the first time


Weapon Collector (Casual)

Collected 5 weapons


Weapon Collector (Serious)

Collected 15 weapons


Weapon Collector (Hardcore)

Collected 25 weapons


Sword Master

Obtained every sword weapon


Spear Master

Obtained every spear weapon


Knuckle Master

Obtained every claw weapon


Chakram Master

Obtained every chakram weapon


Chain King

Land 50 consecutive hits


Go on. You know you want it

Accepted the second present from Dito


A painfully exquisite gift!

Accepted the second present from Decad


The pleasure is ALL mine...

Accepted the second present from Octa


As kind as I am beautiful

Accepted the second present from Cent


Trial Period

Completed at least one mission with every disciple


Gimme Your Money!

Fulfilled one of Accord's requests


Treasure Hunter

Opened 50 treasure chests


Fresh-blooded Intoner

Defeat 100 enemies


Resurrected Intoner

Rerach player level 5


Immortal Intoner

Reach player level 30


Ruler of the Skies

Earn every perfect bonus during air-battle stages


Ending A

Complete branch A


Ending B

Complete branch B


Ending C

Complete branch C


Weapon Master

Collected every weapon


Chain Master

Land 100 consecutive hits


Gold Master

Earned a cumulative total of 300.000 gold


Fork it All Over!

Fullfilled 20 of Accord's requests


True Treasure Hunter

Opened every treasure chest


Crimson Intoner

Defeat 1000 enemies


Ending D

Complete branch D


Weapon Maniac

Raised every weapon to level 4


Every Last Coin is Mine!

Fullfilled all of Accord's requests


The Final Song

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