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Eternal Card Game

Logros Eternal Card Game

Listado de logros de Eternal Card Game. Desbloquéalos todos.



Complete the Campaign

Completed the Campaign


Forge Expert

Won 5 Forges without losing a game



Ended a Draft with a 7-0 record


Ranked Streak

Won 5 Ranked games in a row


Join the Fight

Won 100 PvP games


Lucky Pull

Played a Legendary card in a Draft


Battle for the Throne

Played all 5 Scions


Ranked: Silver

Earned Silver in Ranked for any season


Ranked: Gold

Earned Gold in Ranked for any season


Ranked: Diamond

Earned Diamond in Ranked in any season


Ranked: Master

Earned Master in Ranked for any season


Draft: Gold

Earned Gold in Draft for any season


Draft: Silver

Earned Silver in Draft for any season


Draft: Diamond

Earned Diamond in Draft for any season


Draft: Master

Earn Master in Draft for any season


Going Big

Amplify 100 times


Found It!

Play 50 Treasure Finds



Destroy 50 enemy Sites


Price of Fame

Activate Renown 100 times


Just As Planned

Complete 20 Site Agendas


All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Drawn Quinn, Wandering Hero from the void three times in the same game


Pledge Allegiance

Pledge 30 times


Awaken the Dragon

Play 5 or more Dragons at once off Clutch of Talons


How Fickle

Play a 10/10 or larger Thriving Spiteling