Euro Fishing

Trofeos Euro Fishing

Listado de trofeos de Euro Fishing. Desbloquéalos todos.



What a Beauty!

Caught your first fish


I'm Hooked

Caught 50 fish


Big Haul

Caught 100 fish



Caught 50 Carp


Getting Tench

Caught 50 Tench


Living the Bream

Caught 50 Bream


Way of the Roach

Caught 50 Roach


Mugged Right Off

Lost 25 fish


Specimen Bream Hunter

Caught a specimen Bream


Specimen Roach Hunter

Caught a specimen Tench


Specimen Carp Hunter

Caught a specimen Carp


Specimen Catfish Hunter

Caught a specimen Catfish


Target HUnter

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught your first Foundry Dock boss fish


Local Knowledge

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught 50 fish in Foundry Dock


Master Of The Lake

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught 100 fish in Foundry Dock


Getting Amongst Them

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught your first 20lb carp in Foundry Dock


Getting Bigger

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught your first 30lb carp in Foundry Dock


The Big One's

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught your first 40lb carp in Foundry Dock


Cat Tamer

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught the catfish boss fish in Foundry Dock


Lake Monster Hunter

Caught a fish over 40kg (90 lbs)


Completed The Set

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught all boss fish from Foundry Dock


Master Of The Species

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught one of each species in Foundry Dock


Dream Session

[DLC Foundry Dock] Caught 3 boss fish in one session in Foundry Dock


Top Cat

Caught 50 Catfish