Trofeos Fluxteria

Listado de trofeos de Fluxteria. Desbloquéalos todos.



Fluxteria Champion

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Hazel's Salute

Cleared the way to Planet Axteria


Turretus Incubus

Now, they will have hard time to reconstruct those ground forces


Factoring the Robots

Our rebel forces will feel safer with your efforts


Plant Saver

United Space Force won't be able to exploit the nature anymore because of your brutal attack


Command Demise

Planet Liberated but you need to develop many more skills


Course Rookie

Do you think this is fast?


Space Roller Coaster

It will get faster, this is nothing


Ironing the speed

Now we are talking... when it comes to speed


Wreck Breeze

Rebels enjoyed watching you cruising through the wreckages


Gate Warper

Now, you can jump through star systems, with this level of speed endurance


Weapon's Surmount

You can0t rely on your existing skilset, you have to work harder


Nebula Maestro

United Space Force is literary worried about your existence, they are afraid of you


Fleet Destroyer

Now, you are acting like a real commander



You have broughts real panic to United Space Force


Reign in Space

This star system is now free because of your efforts


Antenna Gaffer

War needs ammo as well as communication


Tube Master

Pipeline is everything in space battles


Hacker's Triad

We have to rewire those mechs


Lab Honcho

We need to study the enemy's chemistry


Pod Chief

Don't let them scape