Focus on You

Trofeos Focus on You

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Woof Woof!

You made her a delicious Café Latte


A shot of a Lifetime

You made a photoshoot appointment with YUA


Practice Like You Play

YUA liked the photo you took as practice


Sweet and Sour

You discovered the flavor YUA likes most


The Man with the Plan

You gave YUA the best present


Moment of Phantasmagoria

You endured the moment of tension with YUA


Don't Try This At Home

You pushed YUA in


Picked Up on the Way

You found YUA's important bracelet


Solo Escape

YUA, only the best for you


Coffee Master

You made all the types of coffee


Smoothie Master

You made all the types of smoothies


Photo Master

The number of photos in album is reached to 100


Play-Hard-to-Get Master

You refused YUA's request two times


Were You Hungry?

You ate 5 cookies


Alone Time

You enjoyed some free time alone at the café


Life of the Popular

You used the SNS function