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Logros Fumiko!

Listado de logros de Fumiko!. Desbloquéalos todos.




That wasn't supposed to happen


Found a Memory Fragment

You've found a stray file containing communication data


Found 5 Memory Fragments

You've delved deeper into the hidden communication data


Found 10 Memory Fragments

You are quite the collector


You can't tell me where to go!

You jumped to your death instead of using the safe exit node


We'll meet again

A familiar face


Dance Apprentice

You learned how to dance. Use this in a special place in Hyperion, at a special time


The Death of Secur-o-Tron

He was able to save you, but not himself


Found 15 Memory Fragments

Nothing can hide from your eyes


Found 20 Memory Fragments

All makes sense now. Does it?


Forgotten Memories

You learned more about the network by finding hidden communication fragments



You¡ve managed to escape the I.M. - For now



Someone attached an S.O.S. module to you


Five Points for Orange!

Fair game


Lonely Dancer

Quite the performance


A Part of Me

You consumed Eunomia


The Lost City

You deactivated the barriers that kept you from accesing Kronos' past


Sweet Revenge

You consumed Wilson


Leave the Network

Was this a good idea?


The Rescue of Secur-o-Tron

Someone is waiting for you