Galaxy Hotel

Trofeos Galaxy Hotel

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My First Quest

Cleared the first quest


I'm on it, boss!

Hired your first employee


Fun With Fairs

Held your first fair


A Piece of Cake

Cleared the game


5-Star Hotel

Raised your reputation to 5 stars


The more the merrier!

Welcomed 10.000 guests


Where's the vault?

Accrued 100.000.000 en!


Spoilt for choice

Built all variations of restaurant facilities


Does this make me a plumber now?

Built a utility unit


Maintenance needs managers too!

Built all variations of utility units



Built a Gravity Well


Ready for anything!

Built all facility types


Out of this world!

Raised a facility to its maximum level


Space management? That's just good planning!

Completely filled all space with all grounds unlocked


One small step for hotel managers!

In the black


Anybody else dancing?

Mediated a brawl


Did I miss one?

Completed the Customer List


The Whole Cake

Cleared hard mode