Gene Rain

Logros y Trofeos Gene Rain

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I hate Worm!

Defeated 20 Battlefield or Mechanical mosquito



Defeated 30 Mutant


Guard killer

Defeated 30 armored guard's (Black / Silver / Guardian)


Magnetic energy Terminator

Defeated 10 Death Claw or Observer


Ninjia, hum!

Defeated 3 Shadowblade


Giant killer

Destroyed a Mechanical Destroyer


Humanoid missile

Destroyed a UFO fighter


We're rich!

Total number of Cores reached 75



Blasting 10 barrels



200 kills in Defensive warfare


Are you really ready?

Die 5 times



First use of equiproom


Driving without license

Death by driving a mecha


A funny little toy

Alex's first use of skills


Come on! Come on over here!

Salman's Shield takes 2.500 damage


Phantom of the night

Li Ying used skills 3 times


Under the cover of Bill Feynman

Die 10 times


Gears of War

Defeated the final BOSS-BERSERKER



Drive mecha, trample to kill 30 enemies



Destroy 50 machine soldiers with melee attacks


Completely destroy

Destroy 100 wreckage of the machine soldiers


Firearms master

Completely upgrade one weapon


You have a special express

Use specialist weapons for the first time


Extreme raids

Destroy 4 machine soldiers at once with a grenade detonation


King of sky

Accumulative destroyed 6 UFO fighter


Look up to the sky

Hit 3 times by any large mecha


God of War

Defensive warfare adhere 5 waves of enemy attacks


It was good to come home

Accumulated player deaths 25 times


Top player

Complete the Campaign on any difficulty


Basketball player

Destroy 1 UFO fighter with a grenade detonation



Unlock 4 specialist weapons


Gene Rain

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