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Trofeos Germinator

Listado de trofeos de Germinator. Desbloquéalos todos.



The Inoculator

Survive for 5 minutes or more in Arcade Mode



Get a combo-pop of 100 or more germs with one shot


Mother of all Pops

Pop a germ of size 25x or greater


The Marksman

Finish any Puzzle level with a single shot



Fire 50 germs in a single Story, Duel, or Arcade level


Feverish Cleaning

Complete a Story Mode level in under 30 seconds


All Gummed Up

Lose any Story Mode level within 5 seconds



Complete 20 different levels in a single run in Puzzle Mode



Complete all Story Mode levels


Sound Logic

Compete all Puzzle Mode levels


Photo Finish

Win the 15th round in a Duel match against "The Germinator"


The Germinator

Collect all stars in Puzzle and Story Mode