Gintama Rumble

Trofeos Gintama Rumble

Listado de trofeos de Gintama Rumble. Desbloquéalos todos.



Those who protect everything

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Consigue rango S para todos los escenarios Gintama Chronicles


People are more free than they would believe

Desbloquea todas las habilidades para todos los personajes jugables


We'll return for sure

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I'll do anything for this guy

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Once the flag waves, it's goodbye

Mira todos los Gintama Chronicles Special Finishes


The Best Disciple

Consigue las mejoras máximas para un único personaje jugable


What fine adults we've become

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City of Iron

Completa Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble con todos los personajes jugables


Shall we reminisce about the good old days?

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A Monster's Child

Completa el Prólogo


The stupidest samurai in the universe!

Completa Chronicle Benizakura


Here on earth, dawn always follows the night

Completa Chronicle Yoshiwara In Flames


You smoke too much, Old Man

Completa Chronicle Kabukicho's Four Deities


Don't think you'll get past these thorns easily!

Completa Chronicle Baragaki


The courtesans have come to topple the nation

Completa Chronicle Nation's Courtesan


Farewell, my dearest homies...

Completa Chronicle Shogun's Assassination


Shinsengumiii!! Fight!!!!

Completa Chronicle Farewell, Shinsengumi


Let's go home as a family

Completa Chronicle Battle at Rakuyo


Land of the Samurai

Completa las Historias secundarias


Watch out for death flags

Activa un Gintama Chronicles SPecial Finish


Don't look down on planet Earth's cops

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Bonds come in all shapes and sizes

Activa las habilidades Super Silver Orb


You are indeed always this strong

Activa Hurricane Clash



Usa una habilidade especial


I'll purge every single one of you

Derrota 100 enemigos durante un único Awakening


This is where you'll all be executed

Consigue 1.000 muertes en una única batalla


Get in my way and I'll kill you

Consigue 1.500 muertes en una única batalla


I don't need a license to run someone over

Consigue 2.000 combos en una única batalla


Just try and stop my ambition

Consigue 5.000 combos en una única batalla


The orbs are in Fever Mode

Activa 3 Ginpachinco en una única batalla


Good-For-Nothing Old Man

Consigue 5 Ginpachinko en una única batalla


Ultimate Attacks that are too dificult to execute can't be used

Activa Awakening Rumble 5 veces en una única batalla


This eye sees all

Ejecuta Just Guard 10 veces en una única batalla



Consigue 5 Red Bean Buns en una única batalla


I'll simply destroy this rotten world

Derrota a 10.000 enemigos


I wouldn't mind overthrowing a country

Derrota a 100.000 enemigos


Just a couple more walls to go

Derrota a 5.000 enemigos mientras estás en el modo Awakening


Our practice swings can kill

Derrota a 1.00 enemigoscon Awakening Rumble


A lawless town attracts crazy folk

Completa Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble


So we've learned to save the best for last

Derrota al jefazo Kabukicho Ultimate Rumble Interloper en tu último turno


Yesterday's enemy is still today's enemy, or something like that

Derrota a todos los jefazos Kabuchiko Ultimate Rumble Interloper


Your blade cannot cut me

Gana una batalla sin recibir daño


Who needs censorship

Derrota a 50 enemigos con Mosaic activado


It's the Shogunnn?!

Consigue el orbe dorado Shigeshige Tokugawa


I am Cello - Uuuaaarghh!!

Derrota a 100 enemigos como Cello


Everyone looks like they have Mohawks!

Consigue 3.000.000 Orbes Pachi


Welcome to the SHoka Sonjuku School

Mira todos los tutoriales Gintama Motion Picture


I know you'll have my back

Consigue 100 orbes dorados Super


Shut up, I'm changing my Image

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