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Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match

Trofeos Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match

Listado de trofeos de Girls und Panzer Dream Tank Match. Desbloquéalos todos.



Therre are many important moments in life, but this is not one of them

Completa todas las partidas de Exhibition


Yesterday's enemy is today's ally

Completa Story Battle con todos los personajes


The path that we take will become Panzerfahren!

Completa todos los entrenamientos de principiante


That's Panzerfahren! This is not war. If we stray from the path, won't the tanks cry?

Completa todas las Extra Missions en dificultad Normal


I feel tingly......!

Destruye un enemigo (incluye BOCO gigante)


This is good practice..:!

Realiza un Drift


I shall take you on!

Destruye un BOCO secreto


A tank like this is absurd, but interesting

Personaliza un tanque



Activa Panzer High


It all boils down to the last 5 minutes

Activa una habilidad Tank Commander


Turn to the right! Quickly!

Realiza un Boost dash


What's a Strich?

Detsruye un enemigo usando el modo scope (incluye BOCO gigante)


It's go-go with the flooow!

Utiliza una Tarjeta Support


My tank treads are heavy!!

Destruye tanques enemigos


According to the data, the weak spot is here

Ataca el punto déibl del enemigo (incluye BOCO gigante)


Sloped Armor Principle is the basics of battle

Realiza Sloped Armor Guard


Can the loading be any faster?

Realiza una recarga rápida


CV33 turn!

Realiza Napoli-turn



Dirige a un aliado por el Command & Control Panel


Pants are for?!

Participa en un Free Match


You have ideals higher than the Ural Mountains, and wisdom as deep as the Baikal Lake

Consigue un alto ratio de golpes (excluyendo Free Match, Custom Match, and Friend Match)


"We... are... done... for..:" "No we are not!"

Gira las tablas con un tiro decisivo (excluyendo Free Match, Custom Match, y Friend Match) (Incluyendo BOCO gigante)


Let's all return to Oarai, our School Ship!

Completa Story Battle


The ones who take home victory are the ones who take home pasta!

Completa todas las Extra Missions en ddificultad Difícil


You're a strange person, to be friends with all opponents you've fought against

Completa todas las escuelas en Domination Battle


Tanks carve a path where nothing else can. They can even go through hell an highwater

Consigue todos los tanques


We should just give ourselves a paint job too!

Consigue todos los colores de tanques


Every person's life is their own performance

Consigue todos los tatuajes


If I had a hundred thousand, I could buy some decent cards and items...!

Consigue todas las tarjetas de Crew y Support


Pnazerfahren is filled with all of life's important things

Exceed 20 hours of Matchtime


Heavy Tank Killer

Destruye más de 30 tanques pesados (excluyendo Free match, Custom Match, y Friend Match) (incluyendo BOCO giant)


This is my medal for you

Completa todas las Extra Missions en dificultad Extrema


I finally found it, myown Panzerfahren

Nivel de jugador superior a 80


There is no such thing as luck in Panzerfahren, only skill

Haz un montón de daño, consigue un ratio de recarga alto, y termina la partida con tu ataque (excluyendo Free Match, Custom Match y Friend Match) (incluye BOCO gigante)


Nishizumi Style

Deja KO de un solo golpe a más de 50 tanques enemigos (excluyendo Free Match, Custom M atch, y Friend Match)


Shimada Style

Destruye más de 50 enemigos mientras derrapas (excluyendo Free Match, Custom Match, y Friend Match) (incluyendo BOCO gigante)


Panzer Vor!!

Consigue el resto de trofeos del juego