Grand Kingdom

Trofeos Grand Kingdom

Listado de trofeos de Grand Kingdom. Desbloquéalos todos.



The Beginning of War

You are now affiliated with the Guild


Fledging Mercenaries

You hired a new unit


Novice Blacksmith

Forged something at the blacksmith


A Sharper Sword

Upgraded equipment at the blacksmith


One of a Kind

Synthesized equipment at the blacksmith


Leave It To Me!

Finished off an enemy with an Assist


True Grit

Used Grit to avoid an enemy attack


Four Great Nations

Visited each capital of the Four Great Nations


Obstacle Crusher

Removed every type of obstacle on the field


Angels in White

Met an received treatment from all 4 Healing Sisters


The Road's End

Went to all areas on a Travel Quest


Max Stat

Reach 99 in any stat on any unit


First Class Up

Performed a Class Up!


Great Order

Obtain 150 total policy points


Boundless Courage

Achieve victory while morale is low


Double Finish

Killed 2 enemies simultaneously


Triple Finish

Killed 3 enemies simultaneousl


Major Accident

Killed an enemy using knockback damage


Object Breaker

Destroyed an object while a unit was on top of it


Was Someone There?

Killed an invisible unit while it was still visible


Leave Me Behind!

Prepared to flee from battle, then fled after a unit died


Oops, My bad!

Attack an ally unit with an area-of-effect attack


Watch Your Step!

Die by stepping on a hazard


Yum, Yum, Yum!

An ally was eaten by a Slime


A Lovely Present

A Rogue picked up a item containing explosived


The Final Explosion

Win a battle using the Challenger's self-destruct skill, resulting in a double KO



Equip glasses on one of your units


A Strong Mercenary

Adjust a quest's difficulty before clearing it


Worn-out shoes

Walked 20.000 steps


Bounty Hunter

Defeated every Bounty Head!


Class Master

Leveled a unit to level 99


Skill Completionist

Learned every possible skill on one of your units


Flag Collector

Obtained 20 flags


An Amazing New Record!

Knocked back a unit 8 character-lengths


Isn't It Beautiful?

Launched a unit 9 character-heights


High Damage

Dealt 20.000 damage with one attack


Combo Master

Performed a 99-hit combo during one turn


Beyond the Threshold of Death

Achieve victory with just 1 HP remaining



An ally Shaman reflected an attack to kill an enemy


Winner of a fierce battle

Defeated the Grand Mercenary Squad with a lower-level squad


Lone Warrior

Clear a Target Quest with just one unit


Furious SUccess

Clear a Destination Quest without using field skills and items (Spy Quests excluded)


The Very Model of a Modern Mercenary

Clear a Destination Quest without engaging in battle! (Spy Quests excluded)


Golden Baku

You finally obtained a Golden Baku!


Guild Ace

Achieved Mercenary Rank of S!


Hero of Resonail

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