Gun Club VR

Logros Gun Club VR

Listado de logros de Gun Club VR. Desbloquéalos todos.



Mission Complete

Desbloquea todos los trofeos del juego


Arrow In The Knee

Shott off the leg of a zombie



Shoot a fire alarm to set it off


The Force Is Strong In This One

Let every target fall over from time-out


Boom! Headshot

Get a headshot on every target in a range


Rationing Rationale

Spend only one bullet per target in a range


Hot Problems

Equip incendiary rounds



Equip Explosive rounds


Faster Than A Speeding Donut

Equip armor piercing explosive rounds


Harvest Boom

Destroy 50 food items


Gotta Go Fast!

Complete a sideshow range in under 25 seconds


Mr. Clutch

Destroy the last target of the range with the last bullet in your clip


Seen it all

Attain at least bronze on every Warehouse range


Mirror Shine

Attain at least silver on every Warehouse range


Stronger Than Cardboard

Equip armor piercing rounds


Higher Standards

Equip overpressure rounds


Fumble Check

Get a perfect reload


The Expandables

Equip hollow point rounds


Somebody Set Us Up The Bomb

Blow up more than one target at once using an explosive



Use a grenade on the final target in a simple range


The Sworm Enemy of Targets

Complete 50 ranges


A New Dawn

Attain at least bronze on every Allied range


Shiny Allies

Attain at least silver on every Allied range


I See What You Did Thre

Equip zombie rounds


Ammo Conscious

Destroy 2 targets with one round


Resource Hog

Fire 10.000 rounds


We're Done Here

Attain at least gold on every Warehouse range


Shave And A Haircut

Purchase a skinned version of a gun


I Never Asked For This

Equip as many attachments as poossible to an owned gun


I Am Infinite, I Am Eternal

Equip the largest magazine available to an owned gun



Own half of the available weapons


Headshot King

Get 10 headshots in a row


Stolen Gold

Attain at least gold on every Allied range


Unfulfilled Hunger

Destroy 500 food items in the Sandbox



Attain platinum on every Warehouse range


Over Nein Thousand

Attain platinum on every Allied range


Mobile Armory

Own all of the available weapons


I Want To Be A Millionaire

Have 1.000.000 cash