GunWorld 2

Logros GunWorld 2

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The Adventure Begins

One Gamerscore? Uh-Oh, that's going to upsed some people...


Whisper On The Wind

Just kidding, here's the other 4 Gamerscore. I told you I wouldn't do that again!


Gunworld's Greatest GunMan

You found Dwayne in the Outlands


Giddy Up

Assembled the GunHorse


GunMen Can't Swim

I told you, GunMen can't swim. They drown


Law Of The Land

Visited Sheriff Lawbird after locking up The Exaction Faction in the Crimeatorium


Team Fat

You found Ryan, the winner of the Kinda Funny cameo giveaway


All Iguana Do Is Have Fun

Captured Sala-Man-Der


Dwayne Will Always Rein King

Captured Nightmare


Things Aren't Working Out

Captured Buff-Alo


Rocket Propelled Navigator

Captured Crocketdile


Heating Up

Captured Mi-Crow-Wave


Double Vision

Capture Mirror Kat


Where No GunMan Has Gone Before

Traveled through Commander Yesterday's Time Portal


It Should Be Ill-Eagle

You unlocked the Super TOrpeagle Rifle!


Maximum GunMan

Reached the level cap


Till The Soil With Vengeance

Defeated Commander Yesterday and THe Exaction Faction, created the universe, and saved GunWorld


Endangered Species

Compelted the campaign without buying Respawn Eagles


Back In My Day

Cleared Old-Schhool Mode


A Full Wardrobe

Purchased every piece of gear from the GunMan's Armoire


Scrooge McEagle

Amassed 20.000 Gold at one time


Trials Of The GunMan

Compelted a Level Rush session