Halloween Forever

Trofeos Halloween Forever

Listado de trofeos de Halloween Forever. Desbloquéalos todos.



Radiant Pumpkin

Consigue todos los trofeos del juego


Beat Chainsaw Megamaniac

You bested Chainsaw Megamaniac! There's no chainsaw maniac tougher than this one


Beat Big Bat

You bested Big Bat! Have you ever seen a bat so big?


Beat Green Hydra

You bested Green Hydra! Two heads are better than none, but that won't slow us odwn


Beat Red Devil

You bested Red Devil! Yow, it's hot in here!


Beat Eyeskuller

You bested Eyeskuller! Eye spy with my little eye something that's about to explode!


Beat Necromancer

You bested Necromancer! Back to ghoul school with you, fool!


Beat Manleech

You bested Manleech! Say you lamprey-ers!


Beat Frog King

You bested Frog King! I toad you so!


Beat Blue Devil

You bested Blue Devil! Necessity is the moth of invention


Beat Necroking

You bested Necroking! The return of Necromancer! How the mighty have fallen


Rescued Butternut Bro

You rescued Butternut Bro! Your gourd from another lord


Win the game as Butternut Bro

You won as Butternut Bro! Way to squash the opposition


Rescued Ms. Witch

You rescued Ms. Witch! She has endless cats!


Win the game as Ms. Witch

You won as Ms. Witch! Hope you had a feline time


Rescued A Skeleton

You rescued A Skeleton! A bony vertebra buddy


Win the game as A Skeleton

You won as A Skeleton! I knew you had it in you (I can see through your ribgaps)


Rescued Grizzledude

You rescued Grizzledude. What is he doing here? Let's be friends


Win the game as Grizzledude

You won the game as Grizzledude! He's got a good cranium, that one


Rescued Chainsaw Maniac

You rescued Chainsaw Maniac! Ready to cut loose!


Win the game as Chainsaw Maniac

You won the game as Chainsaw Maniac! Got any plans for Summer vacation?


Rescued Demon Joe

You Rescued Demon Joe! Like a bat out of hell


Win the game as Demon Joe

You won the game as Demon Joe! Now we have an all poerful demonic hero... wait a minute!


Win the game as Pumpkin Man

You won as Pumpkin Man! Get pumped!


Mysteries of Abyxsis

Disver the five hidden mysteries of Abyxsis, the upcoming game by Imaginary Monsters!


Chainsaw Dance

Make Chainsaw Megamaniac leave his chainsaw behind when he dies


Killed By Death

Destroy five hanging skeletons before they hit the ground


Spider Inciter

Knock five spiders off the wall


Let Sleeping Frogs Lie

Wake up 6 sleepy frogs


Bat Marm

Neverharm little bats! Ever!


Secret Seeker

Destroy a breakable wall


Rune Goon

Find all six hidden runes for a secret ending!


Bulletproof Pumpkin

Beat a world wthout taking a hit


Hardcore Gourd

Beat the game with 1 HP Mode enabled! Hardcore!!!


Bad Touches

Get grabbed by Blue Devil three times


Ooze It or Lose It

Watch Manleech vomit 10 times. Yucky!


101 Spikes

Trigger spike traps 101 times


Crazy Cat Lady

Set loose 666 ats a Ms. Witch


Crow No...

Run away from a crow for a very long time