Honor and Duty: D-Day

Trofeos Honor and Duty: D-Day

Listado de trofeos de Honor and Duty: D-Day. Desbloquéalos todos.



Unlock all trophies

Desbloquea todos los trofeos del juego


First Promotion

Achieve a promotion in combat


Target Shooter

Shoot all the targets in the training ground range


Master Gunner

Destroy a vehicle on the tank range in the training grounds


Driver's License

Qualify in a vehicle on the training ground track


Tank Commander

Drive a tank on the training ground tank course



Win a Team Death Match game


Attack & Defend

Win an Attack & Defend match


3 Kills

Earn a 3 Kill Streak in combat


Officer's Club

Become an officer


Combat Medic

Unlock the Medic cClass



Obtain 5 kills using a scoped weapon in a match



Obtain 3 grenade kills in a match


Vehicle kill

Kill an enemy by using a vehicle


Melee kill

Kill an enemy by using a vehicle


Bayonet kill

Kill an enemy using a bayonet


Control Freak

Capture 3 control points in a match


5 Kills

Earn a 5 Kill Streak in combat


Weapons Master

Unlock the Heavy Class


The Fixer

Unlock the Engineer Class


10 Kills

Earn a 10 Kill Streak in combat


Gold Rush

Steal gold from an enemy chest and return it to yours


Royale Champ

Win a Battle Royale match


Attack Champ

Get the highest score in an Attack & Defend match


TDM Champ

Get the highest score in a Team Death Mode match