Hyper Void

Logros y Trofeos Hyper Void

Listado de logros y trofeos de Hyper Void. Desbloquéalos todos.




Collect your first power-up. You did? Now go and wipe them all out


Inbox (1)

Retrieve a dropped message from a fellow ship in the RM fleet. There is one awaiting you just at the end of Level01!



Crush 10 boulders in Level04. Feels good, doesn't it... Your lasers are your friend here...


Mr. Anderson!

Get infected by the IPA virus in y your first encounter with it in Level05. Oh wait, have you updated your anti-virus database? Good for you


Trip The Light Fantastic

Sustain 10 seconds unharmed and without shooting against the boss IPA_IRecon in Level009. On the bright side, you get to enjoy all the lightworks!


Keep Calm and Don't Shoot

Pass through the low-energy galaxy in Level10 without shooting a single bolt. It... is... so... tempting... yet...


Double delete

The boss Shift_2LR in Level11 comes disguised behind two Mutex_3S shells. Popping one shell is easy, but are you fast enough to pop the other one too?


Try Catch Finally

Make it unharmed through all the fleeing enemies in Level19... and prepare for what's coming next


Red Pill or Blue Pill? Neihter

In Level20, you may go through one of two gates: Red or Blue... Rumors say there exist yet a third green gate.. it lies [beyond, beyond, beyond] the two gates. Can you discover the third green gate?


Garbage Collector

The final boss encounter in Level29 is a crowded one. Wipe out 30 of the small bacterial minions puffed out by IPA_DRecurse spores


The Bad...

Defeat IPA_IRecon: the first incarnation of the virus in Level09. Now you really know the true enemy!


The Ugly...

Defeat IPA_VInterface: the second incarnation of the virus in Level19. It comes back to you for vengeance. This time it will not leave you without paying a price!


...And The Worst

Defeat IPA_DRecurse: the third incarnation of the virus in Level29. This is the final battle. Only one will survive!


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Discover and collect all Secret Orbs in Hyper Void.. and enjoy the level shortcuts!


To The Last Kilo-byte

Win all 29 levels in Hyper Mode. Be proud, you have seen each and every kilo-byte this game has to offer.