Just In Time Incorporated

Trofeos Just In Time Incorporated

Listado de trofeos de Just In Time Incorporated. Desbloquéalos todos.



Not Dreaming

Complete the tutorial and save your first two clients


Rat Outbreak

Prevent the rats from seeking revenge on our client


Building Fire

Prevent our clients from being burnt to a crisp in a building fire


Job Security

Complete all assignments in the first room


Secret Lair

Save our client from the Ultra-Laser


Get to the Choppa!

Assist our client Jane in escaping with her stolen idol


Birthday Drive By

Prevent a birthday catastrophe


Body Search

Breach personal boundaries and find the bomb!


Policy Violation

Discuss policy options with Clown Bob


Knife Factory

Prevent an incident at BladeCo Manufacturing


Tree Huggers

Prevent the deaths of our two ideologically opposed clients


Arms Deal

Save Steve from an arms deal gone wrong


Lost in the Woods

Save Billy Bomb and become a big game hunter


Rescue Operation

Help our client escape and avoid death by his own creation



Sat through our hastily thrown together and boring credits


First Prototype

Prevent the hideous yellow block guy from "dying"


Scorned Lover

Fend off the unwanted affection of grandma's suitors


Fire Rescue

Save the feline policyholders from a fiery death


Sawmill Protest

Save our client from yet another tree related injury


Presidential Prank

Remove all personal items from our cient in bodyguard


Demolition Man

Blow up both tower guards before they are "sniped" in Bridge Escort


Tank Technician

Find a non-violent solution to disabling the tank in Rescue Operation


Rat Popsicle

Freeze all the rats in Rat Outbreak


Hasta la Vista

Give the RPG enemy a taste of his own medicine in Get to the Choppa!


Full Body Search

Strip everyone of everything in Body Search


Dodge This!

Save Mr. Sanderson's guardian angel in Not the One


Knife Sniper

Hit the supervisor on the ledge with a knife in the Knife Factory



Win without grabbing any bullets in Birthday Drive By


Slice and Dice

Fully chop up every enemi in Secret Lair


Bridge Escort

Protect our three military clients while they escape across a bridge



Complete all assignments in the second room


The Crows

Stop Dr. Peta's mutant crows using any means necessary


Expert Trapper

Kill all the bears in Lost in the Woods using only one trap



Chop an unnecessary amount of wood with the chainsaw in Tree Huggers



Win by poisoning fifteen crows in The Crows


Save the Choppa!

Win the level without destroying the Helicopter in Bridge Escort


Send It

In Building Fire send all three clients high into the air before they bounce


Just In Time

Complete all assignments


Not the One

Save Mr. Sanderson from his own misguided beliefs



Win by having the agent bleed to death in Not the One



Save the client in Arms Deal while also keeping everyone alive


Model Employee

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