Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk

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Page 1

"I won. Still, there is an instability to this world. Perhaps it is bait, waiting to be devoured."


Page 2

"The stench of death grows stronger. Is this place hell? Or... No matter. At this rate, I'll surely die...die..."


Page 3

"Die, die, die, die... How careless of me. How could I be so weak? At this rate, I'll lose everything."


Page 4

"Left eye, fingernails, leg... So wise, so clever, so defiant!"


Page 5

"How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying. How horrifying."


Page 6

"I have been found... He pursued me all the way here. But he is wounded, too. The girl I found on this journey proved useful after all. What is done is done. It cannot be undone."


Page 7

"These are not chance encounters. The humans, the spirits... They all serve a greater purpose."


Page 8

"The ruler of this world... He claims to have been born naturally? I do not understand... There is so much I do not understand."


Page 9

"This world is strange. Bizarre, even. I feel like I am lost in a dream."


Page 10

"Something unexpected happened when I gave my wisdom with the fruit of the conker tree. The tiny creatures use their newfound wisdom to mimic human beings. I have yet to tire of watching them. They're quite entertaining."


Page 11

"This world is too vast. I cannot reach the wall. Are there human beings here? I don't know. Perhaps humans simply do not belong here. No matter. My chance is coming. I must finish what I started."


Page 12

"The Avianite king is a shrewd man. I must not let my guard down around him. He is a product of a more draconian era. But I can take advantage of that."


Page 13

"The queen is watching me closely. She is a fool."


Page 14

"I sought the most foolish members of this society. I sought those who were most contemptuous of the rule of law. And I gave them slaves. Strong, silent, obedient slaves. I already know what is going to happen."


Page 15

"The plan is set. The rubble from my earthquake will blot the sky, and they will think it was a natural disaster. This world is already shrouded in darkness. When the dust settles, who among them will stay loyal? Very few, I imagine."


Page 16

"Life is full of ups and downs, and yet I can't stop laughing. Ahh, I never knew this could feel so satisfying. Have I always longed for destruction? Have I changed somehow? Still, I have never felt such...pleasure."


Page 17

"She appears to be the god of this world. But my business here is finished, and sleeping gods are best left undisturbed. If I must use the black pages to avoid conflict, so be it. ...I started with six, now I am down to three."


Page 18

"I'm surprised by how delicious these are. I never knew food like this existed. The other humans refuse to eat them. Perhaps they find the flavor too bitter. But they're so delicious."


Page 19

"Ahh, maybe I will plant a whole orchard once I have settled. Do these trees bear fruit every year? If so, I must settle somewhere with four seasons. That would be ideal."


Page 20

"The bugs here are annoying. I tried to get rid of them by enticing the flowers with meat, but to no avail. I guess that's just the way things are here. The villagers here are fools. Quaint, polite fools, but fools nonetheless. I suppose I can live here for a little while."


Page 21

"It is here... It came to the village. What does it want? Ah, the world is collapsing. ...But I remember my true purpose now. I should be grateful. There was an earthquake yesterday. It is already here... I must leave tomorrow morning. No more hesitating."


Page 22

"This world is worthless. I want to destroy it. But the rulers of this world are at war with each other. Change won't happen overnight."


Page 23

"How long will this stalemate last? Things will become difficult once a victor is decided. I must do something before it is too late."


Page 24

"This place is rich in mana. Every object here is overflowing with magical power. I do not know how much longer I can endure this. I must do something. I have never dealt with non-humans before, but if they are intelligent, I can make this work."


Page 25

"I met with two demons. One of them was useless. Just doting over her child. Perhaps that child should receive my gift, instead. Also, I have heard rumors about a race of people whose power could prove troublesome. I will deal with them once I am finished here."


Page 26

"Chaos and order? But what is the third? To rule, I do not need to take away their power. I must take away their ability to think. I'll teach them about pleasure. That should do the trick."


Page 27

"Negotiating achieved only a minimal level of trust. But, by supporting the child, I established a trichotomy. This balance will not be so easily undone. Now I just need to empower them. That way, even if this trichotomy becomes a dichotomy, the balance will remain."


Page 28

"...Who is that man? Wicked witch? Me? Don't make me laugh. I'll teach him a lesson."


Page 29

"This man... What is his problem!? I cannot tell. Not with my intuition. I cannot win. At least, not right now."


Page 30

"Perhaps I placed my hands on it too soon... I did not think I would summon such a thing... All I can do is run. Damn it."


Page 31

"I made it immortal. Now there is no need to worry. Even temporary immortality makes people cowards. Makes them stop thinking. This balance has become burdensome. Time is of the essence. Farewell."


Page 32

"For the first time, I have come to a place that makes me feel sentimental. Of the many worlds, this may be one of the upper 26. There is no going back from here. If I cannot move forward unless I cast aside my sentiment. Now that I know about the key, there is only one path that I can take. ...Ahh, I am actually crying."


Page 33

"The sea has split. The ground has been torn asunder. For a worthless appendage to hold such power... It defies all imagination. But, for now, I must fight. I cannot fight alone, though. I need allies."


Page 34

"So much death. The dead surround me. This land is in ruins. I have completed as much of the Holy Lance as I can. But I lack the magical materials to serve as the core for this place. If this all falls apart, I would not be surprised. I will buy as much time as I can, but at this rate, this place will fall before we can succeed."


Page 35

"With the Holy Lance unsalvageable, I have decided to leave my allies behind and embark on a journey. I plan to leave without telling anyone. Anyone except... What is this feeling? Is this...affection?"


Page 36

"Very little has changed from before... And yet, it looks different all the same. Am I to rot in silence while this world crumbles around me? How foolish. Still, this one is trustworthy. People desire this spell. For obvious reasons. Even here, a counterfeit can be a suitable distraction."


Page 37

"This climate will suffice... Rich in magical power... I will create...unimaginable..." The rest is illegible.


Page 38

"Search...place... Great magical power... Forest..." The rest is illegible.


Page 39

"I cannot believe... Such incredible power...but..." The rest is illegible.


Page 40

"Dangerous... Impossible, even..." The rest is illegible.


Page 41

"His...daughter... Use...little by little... Day by day..." The rest is illegible.


Page 42

"There is time... This girl...talent... Once every 1,000 years...." The rest is illegible.


Page 43

"Beyond compare... Guided by fate... Fascinating... Observe results... For good or for ill..." The rest is illegible.


Page 44

"I managed to escape. Small victory. But it will reach me eventually. I must put distance between myself and that place, and stand my ground."


Page 45

"My injuries are worsening. No time to waste. I must act fast... But I must choose the right person, or else I can never do it again. I must keep searching...but time is running short."


Page 46

"I have encountered a family of traveling performers from the north. Despite the thin mana, my power is still formidable. I can make do with this. I will seek out the patriarch and matriarch. I will have my chance, then. Time is running out... I must act fast."


Page 47

"Three young children. Their talent is unremarkable, but they may prove useful. But, I do not understand this place, or its structure. One should be careful before going out. How bothersome... But, no matter. I have enough time now."


Page 51: Lost Page

"Even a demon Overlord desires immortality. Knowing that, my negotiations were a success. My gift should be enough. I did not mention the child, though. The 'so-called' Overlord. I have no intention of ruling over this trichotomy. This world will fall in due time."


Page 52: Lost Page

"Such power, even when spread through separate bodies. Truly a formidable power. This transcendent power will change everything. Can I do it? If I can't...all will be lost. All will return to nothingness. I must do this."


Page 53: Lost Page

"I used a black page on this one without really thinking about it. When I'm here, all I think about is how nice it would be to stay here. Forever."


Page 54: Lost Page

"What a blunder... Even with my wounds, I cannot believe that fish bit me. Now my left leg is gone. This battle has gone from bad to worse..."


Page 55: Lost Page

"Those who possess the title of Sage are tasked with preserving order across different worlds. I understand now why those individuals opposed me..."


Page 56: Lost Page

"I used the black page to put the ruler to sleep. In the end, that god was just a machine. How ironic. But who built that machine? And for what purpose?"


Page 48

"The world is made up of love, life, and greed... But this is true of every world. Of every creature. Human and vermin alike. Even this insect. What she lacks in power, she makes up for in wisdom. I am certain I can depend on her."


Page 49

"My witch's intuition is gnawing at me. Is this really the right place? I'm running out of time. It will be impossible for me to escape it. I must find a place to settle soon. I must hurry."


Page 50

"I gave birth to a daughter. She is the heir to her father's throne. Even so, I do not care. I will forget all this."


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