Lost Sphear

Trofeos Lost Sphear

Listado de trofeos de Lost Sphear. Desbloquéalos todos.



Freedom from the Abyss

Made 10 Momentum Kills


Resonating Beat

Made 30 consecutive hits


Brilliant Strategist

Damaged 3 or more monsters with 1 attack


Hammer of Destruction

Caused 500 or more damage with 1 attack


Eye of Truth

Made 15 weak-spot attacks


Critical Striker

Made 100 critical hits


Eye of Evasion

Made 10 evasions


Seeker of Sublimation

Caused 10 sublimations


Master of Spritnite

Sublimated spritnite to max level


Momentum Master

Activated Momentum Mode 10 times


Seeker of Momentum

Activated Momentum Mode 4 times in 1 battle


Guru of Divine Gifts

Collected from Glow Spots 100 times


Lord of Fishing

Went fishing 30 times


Spritnite Researcher

Created spritnite 50 times



Ate 100 different foods


Insatiable Shopper

Money spent reached 500.000 G


Mercantile Master

Total shop sales reached 100.000G


Ruler of the Sea

Ship acquired


Ruler of the Continent

Vulcosuit acquired


Ruler of the Air

Winger acquired


Restoring Time

Night and day restored


Restoring the Sea

Sea restored


Restoring the Kingdom

Royal Capital Marche restored


Return of Hope

Returned from the Fade Realm


Awakened Destiny

Obtained Moon's Soul


Royal Pride

Obtained Rainbow Spritnite


Heavenly Light

Obtained Sunlight Spritnite


Wisdom Beyond Time

Obtained Chrono Spritnite


War Maiden's Prayer

Obtained War Maiden Spritnite


Pride of the Guardian

Obtained Tyranny Spritnite


Telepathic Bonds

Obtained Raggys' Spritnite


Unquestioned Loyalty

Obtiained Isolation Spritnite


Salty Foodie

Ate Clam Soup


Umami Foodie

Ate Moon Tripe


Sweet Foodie

Ate Fruit Jelly


Spirit Cure Alchemist

Used Last Elixir


Peak of Regret

Turned into rooster


Holy Judgment

Made 10 Machine Kills


Master of Creation

Created 10 artifacts


Researcher of Possibilities

In-battle move distance reached 1.000D



Money acquired reached 1.000.000G


Crushing Wave

Caused 1.000 or more damage with 1 attack


Primeval World

Landed on the moon


Knower of the World

Unlocked all spritnite columns


Ambition's End

Defeated Eclipse


Vulcosuit Master

Used all paradigm drives


Beholder of All

Defeated 300 monsters with Scan


Journey's End

Defeated Krom


The End of Tales

Defeated Dark Ruin


Tale of Memories and the Moon

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