Lunch Truck Tycoon 2

Trofeos Lunch Truck Tycoon 2

Listado de trofeos de Lunch Truck Tycoon 2. Desbloquéalos todos.



Beach Trophy

Sand gets Everywhere


Ski Resort Trophy

Snow in the Boots


Tombs of the Unknown

Hidden Grave Found


Stairway to?

Stairway in the Woods Found


Crafty Hobby

Carhange Found


Keep Out

Abandon Building Found


Old is New

Old World Map Found



History Quote Found


Someone was here

Obelisk Found


Got Energy

Energy Device Found


The Beginning

Old University Picture Discovered


Under the Dome

Old Dome Building Picture Discovered


Led Foot

Ran Over 100 Lunchers


To Go, Please

100 Deliveries Completed


A Special Gift

50 Special Characters Found


Lunch Savior

50 Lunchers in-Distress Found


Mass Appeal

25 Catering Gigs Completed


High Demand

50 Trailers Delivered


First Things First

First Sale


Messy Joe Trophy

Competition Messy Joe Complete


Bird Fingers Trophy

Competition Bird Fingers Complete


Double Meatloaf Trophy

Competition Double Meatloaf Complete


Pasta Salad Trophy

Competition Pasta Salad Complete


Yanked Pork Trophy

Competition Yanked Pork Complete


Stews Chick Trophy

Competition Stews Chick Complete


Devils Potato Salad Trophy

Competition Devils Potato Salad Complete


King of the Road

Lunchinator Purchased


Seek and Destroy

All Hidden Gems Found


Perfect Promotional Blitz



University Trophy

Knowledge is Power


Deluxe Cheeseburger Trophy

Competition Deluxe Cheeseburger Complete


Hearty Chowder Trophy

Competition Hearty Chowder Complete


Fad Bro Trophy

Competition Fat Bro Completed


Fat Gal Trophy

Competition Fat Bro Complete


Fat D Trophy

Competition Fat D Complete


Grandmaster Trophy

King of the Island


City Trophy

Concrete Jungle


Slums Trophy

Poverty Peddler


Suburbs Trophy

Rural is Life


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