Malicious Rebirth

Trofeos Malicious Rebirth

Listado de trofeos de Malicious Rebirth. Desbloquéalos todos.



Punitive Soldier

You've put down a power holder


Story 1 Completed

You've completed the story mode "Subjugation"


Story 2 Completed

You've completed the story mode "Rebirth"


No Guard

You've gone cleared a scene without any guard


Counter Master

You've succeded in all of the counter actions


Debut in Our Ranking

You've made a debut in our ranking


100 Chained

Youve achieved a chain of 100


No Restart

You've completed the two story modes on Normal difficulty without using a continue feature


1 Kill Cleared

You've gone cleared this scene by defeating exclusively the scene boss


No Malice

You've gone story mode "REBIRTH" was completed without using the power hidden in the Spirit Vessel


All S Rank

You've gone clear all scenes on Normal difficulty at S rank


No Repair

You've completed the two story mode on Normal difficulty without repairing the Spirit Vessel or using a continue