Marble Void

Logros Marble Void

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You've got Balls

Unlock a new marble


Jump! Pogo! Pogo! Pogo!

Use the Jumper powerup for the first time


Just the Beginning

Complete all Easy levels


Orb Farmer

Collect 500 lifetime Orbs


Post Haste

Earn Bronze on any level


Bumber Master

Complete Emanciated in under 25 seconds


Orb Dropper

Collect 100 lifetime Orbs from Orb Drop


In Orbit

Complete Red Planet in under 15 seconds


Marble Neophyte

Attain 100% completion on any level (All Orbs, Gold Trophy


Orb Collector

Collect all Orbs in every Easy level


Orb Finder

Find all Orbs on any level



Earn Silver on any level


Swift Pace

Earn Gold on any level


You wanna get high?

Complete So High in under two minutes


Sector Chaser

Complete 100 sectors in the Endless mode


Void Creator

Created a custom level


Orb Compiler

Collect all Orbs in every Medium level



Unlock all original Marbles, Accesories and Trails



Complete all Medium levels


Orb Hoarder

Collect all Orbs in every Hard level


Orb Master

Collect every Orb in the game


Digital Enlightenment

Earn 100% completion in all levels


Grid Jumper

Complete all levels


Speed Runner

Earn Gold on all levels



Complete all Hard levels


Traverse The Void

Achieved 100% on Extreme