Minion Masters

Logros Minion Masters

Listado de logros de Minion Masters. Desbloquéalos todos.



The Stone League

Reach the Stone League


The Silver League

Reach the Silver League


The Bronze League

Reach the Bronze League


Tactics Study

Watch a replay



Complete 5 Achievements


Spell Slinger

Play 5 spells in a row during a Ranked Match and then win


Supreme Crafter

Craft a Supreme card


Resource Master

Use 100 Resource Tokens


Resource Manager

Use 50 Resource Tokens


Resource Gatherer

Use 20 Resource Tokens


Rare Crafter

Craft a Rare card


Ranked Winner

Win 3 Ranked Battles


Ranked Obliterator

Win 100 Ranked Battles


Ranked Master

Win 500 Ranked Battles


Ranked Conqueror

Win 10 Ranked Battles


Ranked Annihilator

Win 50 Ranked Battles


Power Master

Use 250 Power Tokens


Power Manager

Use 100 Power Tokens


Power Gatherer

Use 25 Power Tokens


Novice Collection

Acquiere a collection of 50 cards


Master Collection

Acquire a collection of 100 cards



Complete 15 Achievements


Legendary Royale!

Complete 30 Achievements


Legendary Crafter

Craft a Legendary Card


Know it all

Win a Ranked battle with 8 different Masters


Friend Challenger

Play a friendly challenge with 3 different friends


Defeat them all

Win against 8 differents Masters


Deck Master

Create 3 decks


Daily Winner

Complete 3 Daily Quests


Daily Obliterator

Complete 50 Daily Quests


Daily Master

Complete 100 Daily Quests


Daily Conqueror

Complete 10 Daily Quests


Daily Annihilator

Complete 25 Daily Quests


Common Crafter

Craft a Common card


Close one

Win a Ranked Battle with less than 100 Health left


Challenge completed!

Complete 10 solo challenges


Challenge accepted!

Complete 5 solo challenges


Apprentice Collection

Acquire a collection of 25 cards