Monster Loves You!

Trofeos Monster Loves You!

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Dissolve Into Bravery

Your courage and determination propagated to future generations of Monsters when you Dissolved into the Spawning Vat. Your descendants will be brave


Dissolve into Cleverness

Your wit and wisdom dissolved into the Spawning Vat along with your body. Future Monsters will be just a little more clever


Dissolve into Ferocity

Your life was filled with blood and struggle. You have left a legacy of ferocity to future Monsters


Dissolve into Honesty

Your spirit was strong and you spoke the honest truth. Your memory will lives on in the minds of other Monsters and in future issue of the Spawning Vat


Dissolve into Kindness

You sacrificed willingly, right up to the end of your life. Now your kindness is paid forward to the next generation of Monsters born from the Spawning Vat


Dissolve into Mediocrity

You lived an average life for a Monster, dissolving into the Spawning Vat with quiet dignity, doing your part for future generations


War, All Humans Dead

You took the lead and the other Monsters followed. By your command, they slaughtered every Human. Now Monsters rule the world entire


War, All Monsters Dead

Your fellow Monsters might whine and howl at the injustice of their loss, but they are all dead. That must be the wind... or ghosts


War, Endless Fighting

You saw the peace of ages burn to a pile of ash. From the ashes rose two armies, Human and Monster, who will fight forever. This is your legacy


Monsters are Pets

You tried to stop it but the other Monsters were too foolish to listen.Now they wear collars and serve Humans as pets and beasts of burden


Monster Exodus

You led the Monsters away when the Humans came. The Humans will never find you. You can start over and live in peace


Legend of Departure

Future generations will speak of you -- a Monster who chose to break with tradition and forge a new life outside of Monster society


Undercover Neurosurgeon

Your strange road ended in a human town, where you pretended to be one of them. You are a brilliant and respect doctor but you cannever remove your mask


Peace, Combined Prosperity

You dared to find the narrow gap between fear and hate. Now Humans and Monsters work together for the benefit of all