Move Or Die

Trofeos Move Or Die

Listado de trofeos de Move Or Die. Desbloquéalos todos.



Are you even trying

Finish a round of "Color Craze" without any tile of your color


So, that happened

Get your butt kicked by the AI Bots


Last call

Win during sudden death


Never mind sharing

In a 4 player "Sugar Rush" match, be the only one to eat a candy



In "Bomb Tag", pass the bomb right before it explodes


Triple scare

Kill 3 players with a single scream in "Ghost Scare"


Long shot

Get a kill from the other side of the level in "Jump Shot"


That guy

Push everybody around in a "Falling Blocks" game



In "Jump Shot" shoot an enemy bullet with your own bullet


Easier Said Than Done

Reach the finish line in "Speed Run"



Killl 3 players with the rocket explosion while it's targeting you un "Rocket Run"



Win a round of "Fizzle Floor" after all the tiles have disappeared


That Covers It

Play a round of each game mode


Your Own Hand

Kill a player with his own chainsaw in "Chainsaw Backstab"


That's Pretty Amazing

Kill yourself with your own bullet in "Heavy Bullets"


Godly Beam

Kill 2 players with a single shot in "God Gun"



Succesfully acomplish a jetpack dunk in "Hoops"


Loot Thief

Steal from 3 players in a match of "Loot Grab"


Mind Killer

Kill 3 other characters in a single round of "Mind Control"


Super Hot

Survive until there are over 150 bullets on screen in a round of "Super Hot"


Not a bright idea

Escape a bomb that's as big as the entire level in "Detonation Zone"