Murasaki Mist

Trofeos Murasaki Mist

Listado de trofeos de Murasaki Mist. Desbloquéalos todos.



Geteting better

Akara's training is paying off



Akara is natural born killer


Demon Slayer

Akara: a Demon Slayer


Newborn Gladiator

Akara has joined the gladiator ring


Best Gladiator Ever

Akara is the best Gladiator ever, defeating every possible opponent in the Gladiator ring


Minotaur Bane

Killed three minotaur captains so far


First Troll killed

First encounter with a Troll


Ghost killer

Ghosts! Defeated!


EyeDemons are horrible

EyeDemons are wicked and intelligent, still they were subdued


Even Hibris ran fron my blade

Even Hibris had to escape form Akara's fury


A historian in Hell

First human in Hell


Thugs dead: Like a boss

Sometimes humans are worst than demons



Demoncrab stew is tasty


Akara In Hell

Akara has reached hell along with her companions


The truth about Lord Uruki

Lord Uruki is not a humble merchant


Rings are cool

A Magical Ring!


Many treasures in WIcked Road

Akara found many many chests on wicked road


Setting an old score with Busiris

Busiris, last time you ran away after killing my friend, no this time I'm afraid


Deimos, you are so dead

Deimos dead, finally


Potion Hoarder

100 Potions!


Best sword ever

Best sword in the world!