My Big Sister

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Platinum Sister

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Finding Secrets

Who doesn't love a good secret


Yummy Noodles

The look delicious


You chose the brain!

Was that a smart choice?


You chose the doll?

Was that the right choice?


I'm sorry Sombria...

For everything...


She's too innocent to do anything!

Isn't she?


The Lady On The Wall

Either a pure heart or a demon can survive her meeting


Is that a JIT reference?

Dayfield Motel? Sounds like a nice place


Asking for help?

Even if it's about a dead fish


Talk of the town!

Even if the town is only made of... kids?


It's just a sink... great

Make sure you check everything!


I want candy!

What a nice demon!


Make sure you return it after you use it!

It's the nice thing to do


Mushrooms make you grow bigger!

Make sure to eat your vegetables!


Noodless will appease the spirit

Even spirits like noodles!


My neighbor Somboro

But not so big and cuddly


I'm so hungry

It was only a matter of time


Well, fourth time's a charm!

... I hope


Pressing buttons!

Opening secrets


You again?!

Why do you keep following me?


The truth finally revealed!

The truth in the eyes of a doll


An impostor?

Or is it... really me?


I...can't stay awake...

I'm just... too tired...


The Loop

Spirals are hard to climb


A Mother's heart knows best



The last page

The book of sorrow


Every story has a happy ending!

Doesn't it?


Only eyes can tell the truth

Not ears