NASCAR 2011 The Game

Logros NASCAR 2011 The Game

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Rookie Mistake

You received a drive through or speeding penalty


"Let's Go Racin Boys"

Take part in your first online race


Pedal to the Metal

Achieve the fastest lap of the race during an online race



Perform a draft of 500 yards or more


Finishing in First!

Win a race crossing the line in first gear


Up on the Wheel

Lead 5 consecutive laps in an online race


Run the Gauntlet

Win a Gauntlet Invitational Event


Keep Diggin'

Drive a total of 500 miles or more


Win on Sunday, Sell on Monday

Win a race in all brands of car


Styling 'N' Profiling

Win a race with a personalized Paint Scheme


Car Stylist

Enter the Create New Paint Scheme Menu


Last Man Standing

Survive a 43 car eliminator race to the end


Sprint to the Finish

Win a race in Career Mode and get the full 195 points


Celebration Shot

(Secreto) You photographed the driver celebrating on the car after a Career Mode race win



Complete all three objectives for a single sponsor in Career Mode


Give me 4

Perform your first 4-tire pit stop in any race


Pit Perfection

Perform a 4-tire pit stop, and go on to win the race. (Online Only)


Now ya Talkin'

Advance to Rank 10


Rubbin is Racin!

Race online at every track


Victory Lane

Win a race at every circuit in the game


NXP Challenge

Achieve over 6,666 NXP in a single race



Receive full sponsorship status for your driver in Career Mode


The Champ is here!

Win the Championship Showdown Invitational Event


Race to the Chase

Achieve enough points in Career Mode to move into The Chase, as one of the top 12 drivers



Create a custom tuning setup


Any Place, Any Time

Compete in every Invitational Event



Master a track. Complete all the objectives on a Master the Track card


One for the Road

Rank up for the first time


Race Rivalry

Achieve 20 rival victories (online only)


Decorated Driver

Advance to Rank 20


Cup Contender

Achieve a top 10 finish in every Career Mode race


Surfin' USA

Master every track in the game


Ride in Style

Collect 88 Paint Schemes by racing in Invitational Events and reaching rank 29.


Name to Remember

Unlock every Gold Legends Coin in the game


Saddle Up & Hang On

Qualify in pole position at every circuit in the game in Career Mode


Star of Tomorrow

Achieve a total of 100 fastest laps



Defeat Richard Petty's race win record of 200 wins


Series Champion

Finish top of Career Mode standings and become the Sprint Cup series champion


Boy Scout

Unlock every NASCAR Pin in the game



Advance to Rank 30